In defence of the new Devil May Cry game

As a stand-alone game, the new DmC is actually a good pretty good game; hell I even think it is one of the best over the top action games of 2013 so far.  I don’t see why people have to constantly compare this to the old games in the franchise. This is a new entry in the series, and a reboot. It does not need to be similar to the previous games, and I think a lot of people expected that, which is kind of ironic if you think about it. Because if they kept it the same gamers would have complained that it is more of the same, and now that they changed it (For the better) they complain that it is too radical from the original. So basically fucked if they do fucked if they don’t.


I played every game in the DmC series. The 3rd one was my absolute favourite in the franchise, and I had mixed feelings about this one. But once I started playing it, once I saw how much effort Ninja Theory put into the level design and the fluidity of the combat system, it blew my preconceived notions. Sure it might be easier than the previous games, but the pure awesomeness of the combo moves you can pull off and the pace at which you can shift between weapons is simply amazing. Not to mention that story now actually has some meat on its bones and makes some sense for a change. Though this is just my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions?

Nobody who enjoyed the game cares.

And the biggest thing people bitch about in the new Devil May Cry game. Dante’s new look seriously?! The way that he looks has gotten the die hard fans into such a frenzy, that they have either refused to play the new game or have given it bad reviews purely because they do not like his new design. Really? I mean seriously? Talk about third world problems us gamers have to deal with on a daily bases, if you will excuse me now I am going to go enjoy the game.

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