The case of the FNB advert and ANC accountability

Seems that the ANC is feeling threatened by a schoolgirl’s references to greed, corruption, crime and illiteracy in a brilliant FNB television ad. Looks like FNB struck a nerve, could it be that these are the real issues that face SA and that the ANC is trying to sweep it under the already dirty rug? And as they say, empty vessels make the most noise. It is rather ironic that the ANC has most probably become the biggest obstacle standing in that way of progress and welfare in South Africa.

The simple truth is that the ANC are aware that they have made promises which they have not delivered on: education levels are a disgrace, national hospitals are a disgrace, roads and service delivery is a disgrace, housing is a disgrace, water and sanitation is a disgrace and poverty is at its highest level ever. Thank you FNB for exposing the short comings of the ruling party on national TV. I am sure you will have majority of the nation behind you supporting you on this advert.

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