Games Are Not To Blame For Connecticut Massacre

Seems that the mainstream media has found the perfect scapegoat — yet again. The easy target to explain all of this seems to be the videogame entertainment industry. Adam Lanza gaming habits has been mentioned and dissected in the press numerous times already. I believe that one cannot dig their way through the immediate past of another, where if certain agenda is found, all current actions are explained. Instead, one would need to sift through memories, the childhood, the upbringing, to point where one can discover what the real cause was for his actions.

One might never find the truth as to why someone acts the way they do, as all the aforementioned criteria will only help suggest a psychological problem. Simply because a certain stigma would be the easiest route, the very same route that is now taken by mainstream media, it’s questionable as to what the motive is. Would it be to actually solve the actual problem, or to rather blame something such as games for a serious psychological problem? In blaming games, or any other form of media, it can be seen as taking the ‘easy route’. Whenever the easy route has been chosen, no one continues to ask pertinent questions. There’s no “Why? How? When?

The Blame Game!

The Blame Game!

Trying to stay level-headed during the discussion is tough. I feel the need to say: screw the mainstream media; screw them for twisting the truth in an attempt to sell a few extra copies of their publication. It’s utterly unfair that media are exploiting the trauma people are dealing with, whereby they glorify the “supposed” effect of violent videogames on society. It simply boils down to media twisting the truth to make money out of horrible events. It’s actually questionable as to whether their actions are on equal footing to what’s happening?

The simplistic reasoning used to explain the massacre will surely only traumatise the loved ones, leaving them with little to no closure, whereby they believe that videogames are evil, where instead Adam Lanza was mentally ill and terribly unhinged, causing him to walking into a school and kill 20 innocent kids. I, as a gamer, am trying to defend my hobby from the wrath of the evil-mainstream-media. I will let my actions speak by supporting various charities and events which support the community. The events which media seem to overlook, because it portrays videogames in a positive light.

The media only seems to portray gaming as the reason behind blood thirsty attacks, whereby gamers are a bunch of anti-social psychopaths ready to go postal at any moment. For those of you who remember the Columbine shootings, I leave you with a wise message, from a very unlikely source: Marilyn Manson. Manson was interviewed in a documentary called Bowling For Columbine, where he had a few very interesting things to say on how the media reports on the entertainment industry. In the video it was noted that America dropped more bombs in Kosovo on the day of the Columbine shooting than ever before in that entire war.

However, it went unnoticed as Marilyn Manson was too busy being blamed, alongside other media. The clip ends off with Manson being asked what he would say to the kids at Columbine, if they were in front of him. His words were as follows, “I wouldn’t say a single word to them, I would listen to what they have to say, and that’s what no-one did.”

Even though the Connecticut massacre and the Columbine shootings are two different incidents, which aren’t related, I feel that what Manson has to say is still important, and very relevant — as he can speak and reply to the issue, whereas videogames cannot. While the rest of the world beats the already dead horse that is, the videogame entertainment industry, there will be a minority of people who will ask the correct questions.

There will always be a few who try and find out what caused someone to take the lives of 20 innocent children. These people will be asking the: WhyHow, and When. These people won’t blame the obvious. Until the majority of people start acting appropriately, and ask pertinent questions, the Columbine and Connecticut shootings will, unfortunately, keep on occurring. However, to be honest, the human race is notorious for not learning from past mistakes. We are doomed to repeat our actions until someone uncovers the truth.

[Editorial Note:] This was a article I originally wrote for eGamer during the course of the Norway Massacre. I modified some parts as what I have said then still holds true for what happened a week ago.

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