Apocalypse not now: The Rapture failed to materialise

Survived 21/12/2012 achievement unlocked.

Survived 21/12/2012 achievement unlocked.

So I am guessing if you are reading this post you also survived the Apocalypse/End World/Doomsday that was “foretold” by the Mayan calendar. To be honest I am kind of disappointed in the lack of anything happening, is it too much to ask for a zombie apocalypse or maybe a world war 3 even better an alien invasion? I would have included Rapture/Jesus but he has been “coming” for a while now. And we have more chance of seeing a zombie dinosaur with lasers than the second coming. I spent my evening playing Xbox 360, I figured it is the best way to go if the apocalypse was too happen. I have now lost count of how many times I have survived a doomsday prediction, aren’t you supposed to get an achievement for shit like this?


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