Take a walk on the “Zef Side”

Is this Zef enough for you?

Is this Zef enough for you?

Time to jump in your DeLorean, and turn the dial back to the early 1970’s. If you did not get that reference then you are definitely not geeky enough. You will be taken back to the post-apartheid South Africa. Back then a new white culture was forming on the fringes of Cape Town and Pretoria, a group of rednecks known as Zef. Back then, Zef was associated with wearing of mullets, old puttering ford cars, cheap clothes, hard liquor. The word was synonymous with being white trash and living on the “other side” of the road.

The Zef culture still exists in the rougher parts of South African cities and towns, but it has now turned into a kitschy memory. That is until Jack Parow brought it back, brilliantly capitalizing on nostalgia of the early 70`s and onwards, and making light of our country’s dark history. Not to mention, his music is smart, funny and fresh. Though some South Africans, those without a sense of humour view him as a prime example of the “septic appendix of human evolution.” I can only say chill the fuck out, it is only entertainment people don’t take it so seriously.

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