No Christmas spirit yet…am I the only one?

This year I am just not feeling the Holiday/Christmas spirit at all. I feel like I have more important things to worry about for the coming year, don’t get me wrong I am really grateful for all the things I achieved during this year in my career and personal life. But I have to be honest; I have barely given Christmas a second thought until a few days ago. Maybe it is because of the media/advertising telling us how we are supposed to feel and the over commercialization of the Christmas holiday season.

No Christmas spirit yet…am I the only one?

No Christmas spirit yet…am I the only one?

It is no wonder we have such unrealistic views about how we are supposed to celebrate this festive season. When we get caught up in all that hype we tend to overspend and feel even worse after Christmas day. Last year’s celebration has been a real eye opener for me. No more over spending trying to convince myself that I am supposed too be in the Christmas Spirit. Colour me ambivilent for now…

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