Suitably Bored is now on Discord!

Suitably Bored’s Discord server is now live! And going on nicely feel free to join by following the link below. So come chat interact with other fans of the page and enjoy yourselves. I hope to grow Suitably Bored into other social media avenues in the near future as I look to “grow” the brand in different directions. And as always thanks for all the support!

Suitably Bored Discord Channel

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Screen Rant’s hot take on Battle Angel Alita

Every now and then I come across an article that makes me role my eyes so far back into their socket that they just might pop out. And this article is one of those articles. Warning this rant might contain mild spoilers if you haven’t watched the movie yet so be warned!

So where do we start with this dumpster fire of an article? Or as these people put it when faced with something they don’t find to their liking “problematic” article:

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Captain Marvel box office projections dropping fast…

This seems to be a recurring theme in entertainment media and video games industry. Just imagine the amount of shit that would have started flying if you were to replace the “white males” with “jews”, “black dudes”, etc, people would have lost their shit completely.

Yes, shitting on a certain demographic when you want people to hand over their hard earned money to watch the movie you are in is always a good move. Especially considering the majority of comic book readers are male. But then again what does Brie Larson care she has been paid, so if the movie tanks because of her rather obnoxious loud mouth. I mean shitting on your fanbase “worked” for the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot and it worked for the latest Battlefield game. Clearly, these people do not seem to learn from other mistakes. But maybe after this movie doesn’t perform as well as it should, they might re-look at having vapid Hollywood actresses insert their social politics in movies.

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Once upon a time there was two different companies

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Activision/Blizzard to cut over 200 jobs…

Remember when their new CFO got a $15m sign on bonus a few weeks back? I remember!

Hey Activision! Maybe don’t pay 15 million dollar bonuses to suits, and start focusing on actively listening to what the consumer wants and needs while focusing on sustaining your development teams. Then maybe you would not have been in this shit hole of a situation:

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Captain Marvel officially a cause now and not a movie

Captain Marvel has now officially become cause and not a movie now, we all know where this is headed and what the end product of this is going to be. Also, be prepared for being called a Nazi incel misogynist if you don’t like it or when the movie doesn’t meet financial expectations. Here is a recent interview Bree had with website Instyle:

Hey Bree sweetie I got some really bad news for you, this isn’t activism this is “slactivism.” Having a lead role in a Marvel movie doesn’t really help anyone in any way, and no “raising awareness” takes little or no actual effort on your part. You know what real activists do? They go out and do actual things like aid work or helping out in a soup kitchen. Cashing huge checks to be in superhero movie isn’t a normal activist activity.

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EA stocks drops 20% after Battlefield V sales failure

Wait wait I have the appriote meme for this news saved on my computer, here we go!:

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