Narcissism and Identity Politics in popular media

Honest question: What type of, self-absorbed human being is it that watches a movie, reads a book, or plays a game and thinks “wait, where am I in this story?” Narcissists that’s who. Am I the only one who views it as a form of narcissism that some person cannot enjoy or relate something if the characters doesn’t look like them and act like them? A normal person would be capable of connecting on a human level with any character, irrespective of race, sex or sexual orientation. What is infuriating about these people and their “arguments” if you can call it that is there are literally thousands of stories that have represented characters from all walks of life. I remember when entertainment used to be aspirational, we wanted to be or emulate who we saw, that drove many people to be better.

But then again I didn’t grow up with people repeating to me how my race and sexuality defines me.  You know what most people who consume entertainment really enjoy? Is when characters is written well and his/her race and sexual identity is simply an aspect of them, opposed to it being their defining characteristic, to a point where the character is but a walking stereotype. Me personally when I consume media (And I guess that counts for most normal people) I identify with characters based on how they act. What choices they make. Their sexual orientation and race doesn’t even come into the equation for me. I don’t give a flying fuck if a character is a gender fluid double amputee Eskimo, if I can relate to them on a personal level then I will enjoy whatever media I am consuming.

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Feminist grifters and the victims they leave behind

Don’t you just love a bit of irony so early into the week? I know I do! Remember Carolyn Petit the trans ex employee that worked with Anita Sarkeesian on Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series on YouTube:

Well it turn out Carolyn Petit is now without a job and looking for other employment, as she laminated why this was happening too her in a recent Tumblr post she made:

Honestly I could be a vindictive asshole about it and find joy out of their misfortune. But I do actually feel sorry for them. Like so many others people they fell for Anita Sarkeesians Tropes vs. Women in Video Games (Feminist Frequency) scam. And when it comes to things like scams almost all the times the people who get hurt aren’t the ones pulling the scam. As it seems that is the case with Carolyn Petite who was one of Anita Sarkeesians ex-employees:

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Dear whiny video game journalists:

Dear whiny journalists: Not every single game has to cater to every gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or political view. If a developer so decides they can decide to create whatever they want for whatever reason. That is entirely their choice to make, they don’t owe you click bait bloggers, sorry I meant journalists anything. Instead of shaming the developer into obeying you, you could I don’t know maybe buy their game and support them? It honestly bothers me that we are now entering an age that creativity is expected to be stifled and boxed in because a creator is expected to make something based on other people’s virtual signaling checklists, instead of using their own imagination.

I have to ask though: What do video game journalists have against eastern European developers? Kingdom Come, Tarkov and Cyberpunk? It has now become a regular thing with these journalists to attack these developers over the most minor of things. They do the exact same thing with Asian developer, most likely because these developers usually refuse to bend the knee for Western video game journalist sensibilities. And honestly, I am guessing the number of people who are desperate to play this small Slavic war simulator game but won’t because it has no female player models must be absolutely minuscule. So small in fact that it is even a waste of energy to think about it.

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#NewGuy: Fighting sociopathy and narcissism on social media

For those living under a rock PewDiePie’s wife (Marzia) had a bunch of her personal items stolen from their house in Japan. Irreplaceable objects that were memories of her friends and family. And of course as you would expect all the people who have a hate boner for PewDiePie, decided it would be a good time to dance on their misfortune. And somehow people justified him being robbed as a good thing because he is rich:

These people have zero self awareness. And here is the thing right: When it’s becomes acceptable to attack, rob, and kill one type of person or demographic, it will undoubtedly become commonplace for EVERY type of person to get attacked, robbed or killed. Sad to say (or fortunately if you’d prefer) this person inevitably will experience the very same thing he used to justify his rights being violated. So this person on Twitter going by the name of SweetBeans99 made a comic where she self-insert revels in PewDiePie getting robbed:

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