Goodbye, Gawker we won’t miss you at all

For those who never read the news or has been hiding under a rock the past year or so, Gawker the trash can gossip blog has been bought by Univision, and will shut down operations next week.  The only disappointing thing about the entire Gawker lawsuit is the fact that it took a billionaire like Peter Theil to fund the case in order for Hulk Hogan to get justice and for Gawker to be made accountable for their unethical reporting habits. Of course the social justice warrior journalists are falling over themselves to describe this as a great injustice and a suppression of freedom of speech. Ironically enough they are just showing what kind of journalism they support. The problem with these people are, is that they aren’t even consistent in their free speech support, nor their respect for other people’s privacy. They will simply use the freedom of speech excuse to support their particular political agenda at the time.


Jason Schreier I heard denial is a river in Egypt.

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Apparently eating sushi is cultural appropriation…

So yesterday evening I enjoyed a rather big platter of sushi made at our local Chinese takeaways. Which is kind of ironic if you think about it buying a traditional Japanese dish from a Chinese takeaway, in the Southern tip of Africa enjoyed by a Afrikaans speaking white dude. And guess what is the very first article that pops up in my news feed this morning? You guessed it eating sushi is cultural appropriation. I chocked on my morning coffee and had to do a double take just to make sure I was reading the headline correctly. And just for the record this is grown ass students who are complaining about being served sushi on a daily basis, food that is pretty much a luxury for most. Hell I was happy with whatever packed lunch I could afford as a broke ass student, and they have the audacity to complain? Seriously what is the world coming too?


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Firewatch [Spoiler Free Review]

As someone who loves the “Walking Simulator” genre of video games and the point and click adventures titles that Telltale Games has offers us, I am not sure where to start describing the game that is Firewatch. In my mere eight hours I spent playing the game, I went through more experiences and feelings than a hippy high on some magic mushrooms wondering around in his own back yard. And to tell you the honest to God truth, I barely did anything other than run around in the woods and use the games walkie-talkie. Firewatch is one of those narrative driven games that had me hooked the moment I walked into its digital wilderness till the ending credits start rolling across my screen. I will happily admit that I am a sucker for a good story-driven video game, and that may be why this review might come across as being overly enthusiastic.


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