Disagreeing with a casting choice makes you a racist now

My reason for disliking the casting choice of Mary Jane for Spider-Man: Homecoming is pretty simple: If the rumours are true, they are done for political purposes. I could give less of a shit about Mary Jane being played by Zandaya. I just want her to portray her role well. The very first thing I heard about her possible casting wasn’t “racist backlash.” The very first I heard about her possible casting was people calling supposed others who are against her casting “racists.” And honestly I think she’s one of the few people that could play her true to the character. I just hope the Marvel writers don’t make a big deal about the fact that she’s black, otherwise then it just becomes another piece of garbage because they want to justify their casting choices. And just to put these “racist” accusations to rest.

10832889_sdcc-spider-man-homecoming-confirms_dab2e9bb_mIf Spider-Man was a novel and not a “graphic” novel, then it would not matter who they cast would it? Readers would visualize the characters how ever they liked and there would be no consistency. Unfortunately “comics” aren’t visual, so there is a visual association with characters. Mary Jane has always been white and a red head, so I can understand why it is a problem for some people. Nothing overtly racist about having that opinion, and it certainly isn’t wrong by a long shot. And what pisses me off the most about this entire situation is that people that are disagreeing with this casting choice, are being forced to conform to others perceived social issues knowing if they don’t they will be called out as being racists. For no other apparent reason other than no agreeing with said casting choices being made for this movie.

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Green Day worried about violence in video games

I do like the music Green Day makes, but I find these types of comments coming from a band that claims to be Punk and having the attitude of anti-establishment, anti-authority, anti-censorship, and giving the finger to anyone who tells you otherwise and all that shit rather ironic. This whole argument from Green Day is exceptionally strange coming from a band who were bashed for their music back in the 90’s by the same types of people who would have pushed the same video game causes violence crap.

Green_Day_press_shotAlso it is pretty much a double standard. It is okay for them to get paid to feature their music in video games, but it’s now suddenly bad that there are violent video games? Maybe someone needs to remind them what video games their music was featured in. Not to mention the fact that despite the radical rise of video games (many of them violent to varying degrees), violent crimes have steadily been on the decline over the same period on average. Just stating the obvious so don’t mind me..

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The Culture War & Video Games

Of all of my gaming friends, I really cannot think of a single so-called misogynistic woman hating “dudebro” in the bunch. In fact, my gaming friends are the most diverse bunch of people in any of my social circles. And trying to label people who like video games is like trying to label people who like movies, cars or books. It is just way too diverse to paint gamer’s with a broad brush or demonize them as some “exclusive” club of bullies. The way the media has been portraying gamer’s, it can be really easy for a person on the outside looking in to buy into the tired old concept of cap-on-backwards “gamebro’s” not letting woman into their exclusive clubhouse. But that is so far from the truth it is not even funny, gamer’s know this because if they take a look at who they game with on a regular basis it is one of the most diverse bunch of people you can find in any hobby.

Gaming-Culture-japan-street-culture-31265377-1920-1200I am friends with gamer’s who are disabled and home-bound, I am friends with gamer’s who suffer from live threatening illnesses, I am friends with gamer’s who by simply playing video games can get themselves killed due to the countries religious believes. Video games mean different things to different people, it is how they connect with other people around the world. It is how they find escapism from the harsh realities that life throws at them. That’s why I get pissed off when gamer’s like myself are called out by the media and people pushing a certain agenda as being “misogynerds”“gamebros”, or whatever. They are shitting on some really vulnerable people, and painting everyone with the same brush.

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