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Jason Schreier whinges about Bethesda ignoring them

Am I the only one who finds it rather funny and ironic that the very so-called video game “journalists” and I use the term pretty loosely where the ones decrying entitled gamers for wanting bug free video games on release. But bitch and moan like Janson Schreier, when they are cut off from early release material and exclusive access to developers. Companies like Bethesda knows that Kotaku and their glorified “writers” are a bunch of sensationalist hacks who are always on the lookout to write clickbait garbage. But it isn’t just Kotaku who are guilty of this, the entire industry has this problem. They went down the path of dishonesty reporting and moral outrage journalism. And honestly, most gamers worth their salt don’t care whether or not websites like Kotaku, Polygon, and IGN get early review copies of the products.

Because like me they know these websites now peddle agendas and don’t care about their audience or the games they are reviewing. This move by Bethesda shows that publishers now know that game journalists have become irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things and that they do not need to be held hostage by them or jump at their command whenever they are unhappy. This is basically Bethesda saying these people have become useless, but they haven’t stated it publicly just yet, and I am seeing other companies following suit pretty soon. This is the kind of thing you will get when they the media abuse it’s privileges, and honestly, what did you expect when you were constantly biting the hand that feeds? Bethesda bent them over and rammed it right in without any lube. Ever wonder why Kotaku was blacklisted by Bethesda? They leaked and spoiled certain details months before Fallout 4 was even released.

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Hollywood and the #MeToo hypocrisy

Don’t you just love Hollywood actors? The hypocrites who preach to use common folk from their gated secure ivory towers. From preaching to us who we should vote for to telling their audience why they are not really that smart. And blaming online trolls for their own stupidity on social media. Not to mention treating fans of well-established franchises like garbage at every opportunity you get. And acting like douchebags and self-entitled assholes at every given opportunity. But when it comes to sexual predators and harassers in their own ranks, they are extremely slow to wag that finger of morality when it is one of their own. Even going as far as covering it up and keeping it away from the mainstream media.

Hollywood’s sexual abuse problem stretches back decades and thinking that these actors both male and female not to mention industry veterans were aware of this. And it would be the purest form of naivety possible to assume they did not.This is why I am struggling to feel sympathy for the #MeToo movement and the successful women involved, who only start this movement after all the Hollywood abuse revelations that happened in 2017. Why only now? I tell you why they knew about people like Harvey Weinstein for years and allowed woman fresh in the industry like lambs to the slaughter to be sexually abused by people like Harvey. They were far more concerned with their fame and the money that goes along with it to worry about silly things like morality.

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Kotaku tries to build a PC with predictable results…

So Jason Schreier from Kotaku tried to build his own PC with rather predictable results, the entire article you can find here. But Jesus Christ on a jet ski was it a hard read! And much like the articles, he writes he had absolutely no clue what he was doing that much was clear. Highlights include:

  • Trying to fit the cooler on top of the case, as the instructions told me, then freaking out because it blocked the RAM, only to be informed by Twitterers that I could in fact just mount it to the front. Phanteks Eclipse Series P400S has space in front for the cooler fans as well dumbass. And ironically enough in the first article, the reason he wanted to buy the case was and I quote: “Because I want my computer to look like a machine for adults and not a pulsating neon alien artifact.” Maybe a bit too much “adult” for you I take it, Jason? 

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Witcher 3: Proves you don’t need predatory business practices

Remember when the shit hit the fan with Electronic Arts decided to push the limits of microtransactions? And how many publishers, developers and gaming press and even some gamers came out to say that microtransactions are now a necessary evil? And that we are overreacting. And those microtransactions are due to increased development costs even going as far as to state that we aren’t paying enough. And ironically enough some people actually believe these lies and use them as a retort for justifying the existence of microtransactions in video games. Well, it comes as no surprise that these are lies with no real evidence to back it up, and unsurprisingly enough Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt an amazing AAA title released 2 years ago has proven that you don’t need microtransactions or loot boxes to make a profit and be wildly successful.

Also despite people like EA’s CFO Andrew Wilson claiming that single player games are dead and that multiplayer online experiences are the way of the future. And according to him, there is “no market” for these games. Single-player games for me is my bread and butter as a gamer and many others that travel in the same circles as I do. I want an immersive story and interesting gameplay mechanics. Those go out the window when you play multiplayer games. If it’s PvP, it’s just 12-year old screaming at you how they slept with your mother/sister. And if it is PvE, then it is all about grinding as quickly as possible to get the best gear possible. Nothing beats an amazingly well crafted single player game. So it comes as no real surprise that a 2-year-old game is still outgrossing AAA titles that were released in 2017.

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Gaming is now a “disorder” and other misleading titles

Got to love all the misleading headlines and titles being published by the mainstream media regarding the topic of video game addiction, all of it is misleading or click-bait in nature because that is how the industry operates. The WHO (World Health Organization) didn’t say Gaming is now a disorder they said it can become an addiction just like anything else can. Cut it with misleading bullshit titles already. Having said that I do not agree with the WHO’s classification. Yes, gaming can become “addicting” and some games have addictive qualities but classify it with a strong word as “disease” is beyond stupid. The “addiction” of playing games can lead you to isolate yourself from society and neglect other things in your life, but again it’s not a disease.

And yes those with social anxiety disorders will gravitate to gaming due to its escapism video games provides but the same can be said about TV, Movies and pretty much any form of entertainment. And generally speaking, some people just lack prioritization skills. Gaming like many other things has the potential to be an addiction. And while not as severe as alcohol or drugs the endorphins released when playing games could lead people who have addictive personalities to an unhealthy lifestyle. In my view, the amount you play is not an issue as long as you keep a healthy balance and not put gaming above everything else in your life. Which brings me to my next point, Seems like the media is always trying to demonize gaming in some way or another.

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