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It is no longer harassment if Anita Sarkeesian does it

For reference before we begin, watch this video from popular female Youtuber Barbara4u2c for the full explanation of what happened at Feminist Frequency’s “Woman Online” panel at VidCon 2017. If you want to skip the entire video I won’t blame you, but if you want to hear Anita Sarkeesian call someone a: “garbage human being” it starts off at the 2:40-minute mark of the video:

Can I for the record state the level of irony in this video is over 9000? When Anita Sarkeesian hosts a panel specifically against things like cyberbullying, only to turn around to someone she dislikes in the audience (Sargon) and call them a garbage human being? Add to the fact that Sargon wasn’t doing anything to provoke her outside of silently watching her panel. It seems like Anita was attempting to provoke a reaction out of Sargon so that she could then spin that into a story about how she was the target of abuse in real life. So she could get more of the frequent flyer miles on that victim card of hers. But seriously though. Anita insulting and abusing people from her anti-bullying soap box and then claiming that she is feeling unsafe is transparently and weak as fuck coming from her. At least the meme’s coming out of this entire thing is pure gold:

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Gizmodo: “Smash Mouth retweeted Nazi Anime porn”

Wow, what a stupid clickbaity title. Definitely not anime (not Japanese not animated, semi-stylized like in Anime & Manga), Shadman is a porn artist you fucken idiot. Which Gizmodo would have noticed if they did 5 minutes of research. And no his name is not Marshall Shadders it is Shaddai Prejean, quality reporting as always. Using the fact that Shaddai uses Nazi imagery to label him a Nazi is about as fucken low as it gets. Appreciation for an aesthetic says nothing about one’s moral or political values.

Bryan Menegus I don’t know out of what journalistic garbage dump you just crawled out of. But you calling Shaddai an Alt-Right Nazi is beyond ironic because you have absolutely no evidence to back up that statement. And even after Shaddai and his Twitter followers denied the fact that he is a Nazi you and that garbage website Gizmodo still won’t change that headline? Where is your fucken journalistic integrity? Oh yeah, I forgot it is the same place you got your qualification as a journalist.

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Videogame “Journalism” in 2017

I shit you not! This is an actual fucken piece of video game journalism, written by an actual somewhat sane person. Clearly, the person who wrote this is a few fruit short of a full salad bar. The entire article reads like some sort of fucked-up fanfiction, also did the writer just assume the Rabbids fucking gender? Welcome to 2017, where fictional creatures wearing plungers on their asses and sword-fight with them is viewed as some form of broader social commentary on video games.

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The “religion of peace” and the endless repeating cycle

By now I am pretty sure that everyone who isn’t living under a rock would be aware of the Finsbury Park attack in the UK. The perpetrator was a white 47-year-old man who drove his van through a group of Muslims who were praying at the local mosque, all the while screaming: “I want to kill all Muslims”. Now don’t get me wrong this attack was absolutely horrifying and in no way helps the situation, but it was bound to happen sooner than later. And as much as I want to condemn the guy for attacking the Muslims and running them over with a van, I can understand what would drive someone to do something like that. Especially after the recent horrific attacks in the UK. Having said that I have been following the story closely since the start and I started noticing a trend.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Review)

To me, the Resident Evil franchise is pretty much like a life long friend I grew up with as a child and just like any normal friendship the franchise had its ups and downs. Most recently in the form of the terrible Resident Evil 5/6 and Racoon City, the franchise has been suffering from an identity crisis of late not knowing if it was a straight-up action title or a survival horror game. So when Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was announced I was pretty skeptical knowing that the series was suffering from “franchise fatigue” coupled with the change of gameplay perspective from the traditional third person perspective to the first person view I was not completely sold. But boy was I wrong, completely and utterly wrong. With Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Capcom has decided to go back to the original roots of the franchise by using the original three games in the series as a template.

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