Scream Queens so bad it’s good

Scream Queens really has lived up to the hype it has generated before its release for me. And just by watching the first three episodes I can see so much potential for the rest of the season. But I can also see people taking this show way to seriously (which they already seem to be doing), which really isn’t the point since the show also does not take itself too seriously. I can pretty much predict now that a lot of people are not going to like the satire, humour, racism and jabs at homosexuality. If you are like me and don’t take it seriously it’s hilarious, and like all good satire it breaks down barriers instead of puts them up. Scream Queens puts a comical spin on what was already comical about the 90s slasher movies.


The cliches and tropes in this are brilliantly served, practically all of the characters are hard to like, but to some degree it adds to the humor. I think some of the reviews have missed a couple things. This is not just a parody/homage to slasher movies of the 90’s. It is a parody of bad horror movie, inside of another movie. Think inception, second you are in slasher universe. A universe that consists of a staple diet of one dimensional characters, bad dialog, silly plots, terrible decision-making, and all the other horror conventions we have come to hate and love. If you love exaggerated characters and horror satire, I recommend giving it a try. It is a show to be taken lightly and is entertaining as well as funny.

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Single player games are alive and well

After being a gamer for almost 25 years I still prefer a single player experience above that of a multiplayer one. Reason being the game will have a story and a specific structure every time. I can play the game on my own time, my own pace and the way I want to. And it does not depend the attendance of others. Also my experience will not depend on other people’s performance. It will not depend on their behavior, their requirements of me, or internet access or how much time I have to spend playing.

the_last_of_us__cover_fire_by_wieldsthekey-d6ez0h3And a million more dependencies you do not get with playing single player games.  I am only interested in games that are fully focused in engaging me 100%. That means the entire game is designed from the ground up to engage 1 player, and really make the experience enjoyable for whoever is playing. I have learned my lesson the hard way, never again will I spend money on a multiplayer game. Regardless of how fun the more socially inclined gamers think multiplayer is, I just don’t care about multiplayer anymore.

the-walking-dead-video-game-season-finaleThere is a place for multiplayer in gaming but it should not dominate the overall single player experience. It however concern me when publishers like Electronic Arts go out of their way to make a crappy single player game and attached it as an afterthought. I can’t even list all the games with multiplayer that I have never even touched. It is nice that it’s there, but would rather not have the developers shoehorn it into franchises in which it does not belong.

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15 Years ago, games were fun!


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“Cyber Violence” report removed from UN’s site

So it seems the much touted report by the UN that puts online abuse at the same level as physical abuse has vanished from the UN’s website. I accidentally deleted the copy of the report I downloaded. So I went to their site to get it. It’s no longer listed there. The press release says the full report can be downloaded from this page, but there is no link to the report there anymore. It has vanished into thin air. The only reason I can see why they pulled it must have been because of all the negative attention it has been getting, due to it being poorly written and badly researched.

OTfbWcSPeople in #Gamergate provided both very useful analysis and signal boost even before the criticism in other media took off. All I can say is good work guys! Anyone who thinks anything the United Nations talks about has real ramifications hasn’t been watching the UN’s track record of useless, indecision, and general insignificance in the last decade. We’re talking about an organization whose own people are put on trial for raping woman and children in the countries they are supposed to protect. Hopefully Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn have learned that, not everyone will eat the bullshit they like to serve to the media while preaching from their social media soap boxes.

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Media hypocrisy and how they cover mass shootings

In just minutes, CNN goes from showing the wishes of the Oregon sheriff/community to not release the shooter’s name. Then mere minutes after that releasing the shooter’s name, to reading a post he made in which he says, “[It] seems the more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight.” Really CNN? What the fuck?! Stop giving these assholes who shoot up schools and public places their 5 minutes of fame. Seriously stop it. Don’t even talk about these people. Don’t plaster his name and face everywhere, don’t glorify him or give him this attention.

Don’t encourage future shooters by promising them the same level of fame and attention. Instead, encourage them to talk about the victims, the school, the families, everything but what the shooter wanted. Don’t make the story about him.  If shooters like this are getting off on the attention, maybe we should stop giving it to them? Shame on you CNN/Gawker for not only naming the shooter but writing a long expose on him. Focus on the victims. Focus on not sensationalizing murder. You (the media) are becoming part of the fucken problem…

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