Predator: Dark Ages

predator-dark-ages-posterEver since Predator 2 we pretty much knew that the Predators have been coming to earth for a very long time looking for the perfect hunt. This amazing fan film titled Predator: Dark Ages, takes us back in time during the crusades to show a group of Knights going up against the ultimate hunter from space. You can find their Facebook page here.

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Master Chief Vs Call of Duty players

This  fan film is pretty funny! However, let’s be serious, Master Chief would clean house, he is a genetically enhanced super soldier a walking tank. Amateur Call of Duty player would not stand a chance against him, trash talking will get you only that far. lol!

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PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset (Review)

I was shopping around for an entry level wireless headset, when someone recommended to me the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. So I decided to take the plunge and ordered myself one online from takealot, initial impressions on the build quality is good for what you pay for (R 1186). I love the minimalistic design with all the buttons molded into the headset. It has a solid arch around the head and a large pair of cans, which can slide up or down several notches when you are looking for a perfect fit. The headset can also fold into the center on a pair of solid hinges and loosely click into place, making it easier to store using the travel pouch that they have included with it. I generally have issues with over ear headphones but I must say these sit pretty comfortably, and I had no issues when it came to comfort levels while playing for extended periods of time.  

Headphones01Setup on the PS4 was a breeze, you simply plug in the USB adapter, switch the headset to the ‘1’ position, and within a few seconds it automatically pics up that you have connected your headset to the PS4. No fiddly setup required, and you don’t need to be an audiophile or a degree in rocket science to get it up and running. The only drawback is that the Bluetooth dongle requires the use of a single USB port on your PS4, so if you are already lacking space it might be an issue so I would recommend getting a USB hub if you are running more than two devices. All of the audio controls are located on the left earpiece, including the power switch that also lets you swap between two audio profiles and the toggle for the 7.1 audio. It takes a while to get used to the button placement, but once you know where they are located you don’t need to remove the headset to change the settings.

Headphones03With the factory default settings, the bass is a bit “thin” so I highly recommend downloading the companion app for the headset and either setup your own presets or choose one of the genre specific presets. The headset makes provision for two manual presets you can adjust by flipping a switch on the headset while you are playing.  The application is pretty basic, but the presets worked well overall, and it is a feature I ended up using when switching between games and media. The only pain I had with it was when watching a Blu-Ray movie I had to exit the movie completely to tweak the audio if I was not happy with the audio quality. Also if you are looking at a headset that isolates the audio completely look elsewhere, as the audio “bleeds” out so someone next to you might get annoyed with you if they are looking for some peace and quiet.

Headphones02The Bluetooth range on the headset is pretty good, I sit about 4 meters away from my screen and had no connectivity issues. Even at a range of 6 meters I had no connectivity issues, but after that 6 meter “barrier” the audio started to cut out. So for gaming purposes the headset it is perfect, but if you want to use the headset to listen to music in another room look elsewhere as I doubt it will have the reach.  The headset also supports virtual 7.1 surround sound, which you can toggle using the ‘VSS’ (virtual surround sound) button on the headphones. The system works surprisingly well it allows you to pick up finer sound details, such as characters talking to you from different directions and knowing from what direction gunfire is coming from. However the system only works on the PS3 and PS4 and has yet to be implemented on the PC which is a shame.

Headphones04Battery life is really good, on a single charge I managed to get just a smidgen over 8 hours of gaming out of it before I had to charge it again. Which is more than enough for the average gamer, recharging it also does not take too long just under 45 minutes before you can use it again. The only let down or shall I say issue I have with this headset is the audio quality of the built in microphone, at times people had issues trying to make out what I was saying to say while playing online. If you are “audio obsessives” with lots of money to spend on a headset then look elsewhere, but for everyone else playing games on either PS3 or PS4 that wants crisp, clear sound without a lot of fiddling or tweaking, the Gold Stereo Wireless Headset comes highly recommended as an entry level wireless headset.

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Apparently The Witcher is a lie, sham and a terrible game

tumblr_nmri1pjxhS1qho2rco1_500Apparently The Witcher is a lie, sham and a terrible game because 9 pixels are different from what we have seen at last E3. It’s really sad that such an amazing game has had all this fucking negative noise around it, seriously the gaming community has become a joke. We should be celebrating the release of a phenomenal project, one of the best role playing games that has ever been made in recent history, and instead there’s this bullshit being driven by petulant, spoilt, whining gamer’s droning on and on and on about graphical fidelity. I don’t know how developers put up with us to be honest.

tumblr_nmri1pjxhS1qho2rco2_500You are playing a game that cost tens of millions of dollars, put together by hundreds of talented people who busted their asses every day to make it. And even when the game turns out to be good, and still all these “elitists” manage to do is piss and moan like a bunch of man children. Theses man children also now lash out at the console gamer’s blaming them for the downgrade in graphics for The Witcher. Maybe console gamer’s and consoles in general aren’t the problem here, maybe it is their obsession with graphics that is ruining their gaming experience. Maybe start discussing other parts of the game instead of making graphical comparisons and over obsessing about it. I would die a slow death if the only thing that mattered to me was a games graphical fidelity…

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Difference between The Witcher and other RPGs


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