Strong fictional women means being less sexy and flat chested

Before I start, I honestly don’t care if Lola Bunny is less sexy in Space Jam I have no skin in the game. This is just another shameless cash-in on a movie franchise that should have been left alone. What I do take issue with is how women in entertainment especially those that have a breast size bigger than a C cup and use their sexuality are being treated as less capable and strong than women who aren’t sexy or big-breasted or as sexy. But I am flabbergasted by the idea that the way you communicate that a female character can only be taken seriously is by removing her boobs and making her less sexy. And yes I am aware that she is a rabbit and a fictional character. I am just tired of these people declaring that this new, revamped character is feminist because she’s gone down a few cup sizes.

But apparently, women aren’t allowed to have boobs anymore because it’s objectifying them. If you are having issues with characters that have large breasts then you are just reducing them down to their cup size which is just objectifying them. They are doing exactly what they are so vehemently against. The director also said that he can’t take women seriously if they have big breasts and that he sexualizes people with large chests. And the fact that a crop top is automatically more sexual and therefore less respectable comes off as very objectifying to me. So many characters come out looking sexy and these ‘artists’ ‘fix’ them by removing their boobs? Like why are these people anti-breast? Not to mention the new dysphoria, women feel like shit in the past for having no breasts now it’s because it’s too big?

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“Single player games are dead” – Electronic Arts –

Imagine that, a single-player game with absolutely no-microtransaction has made more than $450 million. So the overused narrative that AAA game development absolutely needs microtransactions to recoup development costs seems to be a blatant lie.

Most modern video games could recoup development costs if executives weren’t paid an obscene salary to be the human equivalent of a glorified office paperweight.

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Attack On Titan: Fascist Subtext? No not really…

Warning this article contains spoilers for the first 3 seasons of Attack On Titan.Shit! Attack On Titan ends in a month. We better repost our garbage, nearly two-year-old article on one of the most successful anime ever made before we can no longer harvest those sweet, sweet hate clicks! Polygon – I am just going to straight-up assume that Polygon hasn’t watched or read Attack on Titan because it’s quite literally the exact opposite. It is a Manga/Anime that explicitly illustrates that the cycle of oppression and fascism is a horrible thing and criticizes it heavily throughout its story.

Attack On Titan is a show that literally shows that what everyone is going through is fucked up and that the main character Eren Jaeger with the scouts are trying to get out of that vicious cycle. Hell in Season 3 the scouts fought with Wall Sheena government police who were trying to kill them. Attack on Titan author (Hajime Isayama) literally made the protagonists (Eren Jaeger) the victims of a fascist regime. You know this article is even more ironic when you consider that in Attack On Titan they talk about how the Marley people were spreading misinformation and lies about the Eldian people to make people believe what they want them to believe and this article is pretty much doing that exact thing.

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