Anita Sarkeesian’s Mandalorian hot take

Oh, Anita, sweetie do you have enough space in that mouth of yours for both of your feminist feet? How can a single person be so wrong on so many levels in a tweet?

Firstly right in the first episode, the forger who forged a piece of armor for the Mandalorian is female. And considering that they revere their weapons and armor, it would make sense that they revere the smiths who make them. She also seems to be the clan mother indicated by her gold helmet and lavish outfit:

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Apparently Paul Feig know a thing or two about boring

So apparently Paul Feig the director of the critically acclaimed and financially successful reboot of Ghost Busters franchise decided to chime in on the box office bomb that the new Charlie’s Angels movie is:

Clearly, Mr. Feig has a very short memory spam might want to remind him of just how critically acclaimed and financially successful” his Ghost Busters movie was:

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The Game Awards obvious “ego masturbation”

So it is that time year again, where the media and video game journalists all highlight the fact that they are wholly ignorant of the industry while circle-jerking each other:

Right out of the gates you can tell that this is absolute bullshit. Death Stranding has 9 nominations, including game of the year, game direction, score/music, narrative and performance for both Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. Control has 8 nominations such as game of the year, game direction, art direction and two performance nods. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy Death Stranding, hell I wrote an entire article about it, but it does not belong on this list not because it isn’t good but because of the conflict of interest that exists here. Remember when I spoke about The Cult of Kojima well it was in full swing during The Game Awards ceremony of 2016. In what possibly could be the most cringe-worthy award and award speech in the history of the industry.

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Google’s Stadia console launch less than stellar…

Well shit get me a crystal ball and call me a fortune-teller, 8 months ago I wrote an article about my misgivings regarding Google’s Stadia streaming service. And it seems to have been a self-fulfilling prophecy. First, there were the launch titles that you got with the service an almighty 22 titles. It originally was only 12, but just before launch they added another 10 titles:

Imagine being a streaming-only gaming service but you only launched with 22 titles in your library of games. Then there was the fact that most if not all the supposed features that had people like me interested in the first place are not going to be present during the launch:

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