Remember the “New Guy” artist? She’s at it again…

Remember the New Guy artist? Well, she’s at it again, this time instead of finding joy out of people who get robbed of their possessions, she now created a comic that justifies and glorifies shoplifting because “capitalism” I am not even fucken kidding here. Click on the image for a bigger version of the image below:

In the one panel she’s feeling sorry for the shop employees, the next she is stealing and stuffing her back with the stolen items, which could very well get those very same workers fired. What is even the message here? “Fucking over a store’s employees is okay as long as you pity them”? Not only is she a sociopath with narcissistic tendencies, but she’s also a shoplifter who has no shame about her stealing art supplies from a store when she was a teenager:

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Video Game Journalists Don’t Get The Galbrush Paradox

For those who don’t know what the Guybrush paradox is here is a quick explanation: The Guybrush/Galbrush paradox states that modern-day game developers choose to use your bog-standard generic white male as protagonists because using a female protagonist will require them to make her a Mary Sue character, if not the developer will often be accused of being sexist or misogynistic for creating a female character with flaws. What is a Mary Sue? Mary Sue is a female character who is so competent at everything she tries without fail, a prime example of this would be Rey Skywalker:

The male version of a Mary Sue would be a Gary Stu. and the same rules apply to the male version. So with that in mind let us look at Rock Paper Shotgun’s review of the Resident Evil 3 remake:

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Dana Schwartz: The reason there should be gatekeeping

It seems the writer for She-Hulk for Disney Plus is at it again on social media. First off before I start, there is absolutely no such thing as fan gatekeeping:

It’s just a buzz word created by these incompetent comic-book professionals to justify their mishandling of comic book franchises and their shitting on fans. But if it ever existed Dana Schwartz would be the reason gatekeeping would have been a good thing. What these people fail to grasp is creating a piece of entertainment is a simple business transaction between the employees of a company that produces a product for a certain fandom or group. And treating your customers like shit and creating a bad product means no sales. And apparently asking what your qualifications and experience is for the job is sexist:

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DC Comics tries to out cringe Marvel

Bob Kane is rolling over in his fucken grave with Stan Lee. If you think Marvel’s announcement if the new warriors was cringe-inducing, think again because it seems both Marvel and DC Comics seem to be involved in a race to the bottom and to see who tanks first in the race to kill the comic book industry. Honestly, though, I don’t understand taking an existing IP and making it unrecognizable rather than just making something new and original. It’s not like existing fans will be at all interested and the new amount of fans it would attract would be negligible. How many young teenage comic book readers honestly exist at this point that would enjoy this? I am willing to bet not a lot. Who the fuck is the target audience?

But larch! This is an Elseworlds story! They can do whatever they want.  It’s a What If scenario. Sure I will give you that, but like I stated earlier but I have never heard someone say You know what we need? A comic with Batman in high school with Selina Kyle and the Joker. Also, we need a gay Alfred. You know what would really sell it? Make him Chinese. But having said isn’t the first time this has been attempted, remember Gotham High back in 2011? It was a failed kids show which got lost in a sea of other Batman projects during that time:

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