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How to throw your own video game franchise under the bus

Well, that did not take Electronic Arts and Bioware long, after only 5 months after the game was released both companies dropped support for Mass Effect Andromeda quicker than a Mexican crossing the American border. Which comes as no real surprise considering how far the franchise has fallen since Andromeda’s release. How do you fuck up a franchise so badly a series as colorful, interesting and imaginative and full of promise as Mass Effect? And it is fucken insane to me that Bioware and Electronic Arts did not give it to one of their main AAA studios, instead they handed it over to an inexperienced studio, with a new engine. But I am going off-topic now, Bioware released a statement yesterday regarding the future of Mass Effect Andromeda:

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Witcher 3: Saying goodbye to an old friend…

[Warning: Spoilers ahead!]

The first exposure I got to The Witcher was back in 2007 almost 10 years back when I think about it. And I have to say, when I first got to play it I was utterly blown away by it. (At the time of its release.) The writing was so incredibly powerful, and the characters so complex and diverse, and somehow the game still managed to tackle current day issues of the time. Touching on things like the human condition, and things we often read about in the news all the while weaving a brilliant tale. Something the franchise continued doing and got known for throughout the second and third games. Unlike other role-playing games, the world of The Witcher is meant to be lived in, explored and enjoyed. It’s not like most other open-world games in which the side quests are often reminiscent of padding.

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No Man’s Sky: A sugar-coated turd is still a turd

I see a lot of people jumping on the No Man’s Sky hype train again after the recently announced multiplayer update for the game. Should I remind these people that Sean Murray and Hello Games lied through their teeth at launch emphatically stating that the game will have multiplayer at launch. One year later they unashamedly announce that there will be a multiplayer component introduced in the game. After lying to us through the entire development cycle of the game. A new update won’t magically change the fact that there are still literally 6 pages of features missing out of the final game that was promised to us by Sean Murray and Hello Games.

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Hellblade: Life, death, and descending into hell [Review]

When it comes to the topic of psychosis and mental illness in video games, it is usually used as a justification for a villain’s world-destroying plans or used as a plot device to explain a world gone mad. Rarely if at all has it been used as an actual gameplay mechanic in a video game. The only game that comes to mind that came close was “Eternal Darkness” for the Nintendo GameCube. So it is rather refreshing to see a video game being released that throws all of that upside down and tackles the issues of psychosis and mental illness in a hyper realistic, careful and yet sincere way. And in the process of doing so, Ninja Theory created one of the most entertaining and absolutely terrifying surprises of 2017, giving gamers a harrowing journey through the tormented mind of a young woman.

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The curious case of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

So for those living under a rock, Team Ninja released their latest video game entitled: “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” on the 8th of November. Along with a “statement” saying that if you die too many times in the game your save game gets erased. And of course, pretty much every single “video game journalist” and I use this term extremely loosely jumped on this and reported it as fact. Some of them even went as far to lower their review scores because of this. It also sparked the whole debate again about difficulty levels in games, we already know how these “video game journalist” feel about difficulty levels in video games.

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