The Last Of Us 2 confirmed by Nolan North?

the-last-of-isAt the end of an hour-long panel at Metrocon, he was asked by a fan in the crowd if he had more projects coming up with Naughty Dog or if The Last of Us was his last one in which he played the villain David. North responded by saying “For now…the last one. But I know they’re doing The Last of Us 2….” You can watch the part right here but be warned, the last part of the video contains spoilers for the ending on the first game.

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No one wants Hellboy 3 more than Ron Perlman, and me!

movie_wallpaper_hellboy_wallpaper_02fzmvHonestly, Hellboy 3 should have been made by this time already. I love both Hellboy movies, it just sucks that it took them almost 4 years to make the sequel. And it has noe been 6 years since we got to watch the last movie. I wish Guillermo del Toro had Marvel’s sense of planning and production when it comes to making movies, we’d have seen Hellboy 7 at least by now which would be awesome if you ask me.

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Now this is how you tear a room up with an entrance

This over the top entrance comes from CEO 2015, a fighting game tournament held last weekend in Orlando, Florida. The guy making the wrestling entrance is Kenneth Bradley, a Marvel vs Capcom entrant. Who decided to give the people attending a bit of a show before starting his semi final match. Now this is how you tear a room up with an entrance! Comparison sake, here is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance.

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Just to give you some perspective


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10 Misconceptions about gamers

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