There was no abusive “onslaught” on Skyrim Grandma

Imagine living in the year 2020 and believing ANYTHING that modern video game journalism tells you to believe. As anyone who has been following my blog for any length of time would have seen and noticed by now is that gaming journalism is horribly biased, uninformed, and run by people who hates gamers and video games as a hobby. In their feverish attempt to yet again paint gamers in a bad light they were caught straight-up lying. The lie in question? Popular elderly Skyrim YouTuber Shirley Curry who according to some popular gaming websites including Kotaku and VG24/7 decided to cut back on streaming her playing Skyrim due to and I quote: Onslaught of patronizing comments:

Turns out there was no “Onslaught of patronizing comments.” These video game journalists took the below comment from Shirley and twisted into patronizing comments and made it out if some gamer assholes was responsible for this. Imagine taking someone’s words and twisting it around so much that you basically turned it into a lie:

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Suitably Bored’s new Twitter account is up and running!

It has been a couple of days now since my account was DMCA’d by Naughty Dog and Sony (For an article I wrote on this blog) and locked so it is safe to assume that Twitter Support won’t be coming back to me with regard to my old Twitter account even though I have sent them multiple e-mails. So I have created a new one. Which you can follow over here. (Or click on the image.)

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What happened with Suitably Bored’s Twitter?

For those wondering why the Suitably Bored’s Twitter account has gone dark the last couple of days well long story short. Right after I shared my latest article about Sony and Naughty Dogs DMCA abuse on Twitter the below happened. And this just so happens to happen right after I posted my article, coincidence? At this point it doesn’t seem likely anymore.

Anyway, normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the mobile number that is activated with this account has expired. I was not even aware mobile carrier could cancel a number if it was inactive for a certain period of time. So I am basically locked out of my account till Twitter support gets back to me (hopefully) so I can get back into the account. If not I will have to create a completely new one…

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I got a DMCA notification for a Naughty Dog article I wrote…

I wasn’t going to write another article on Naughty Dog and The Last of Us debacle and put the entire thing to rest until I was hit by a DMCA claim by Sony and Naughty Dog, for an article I posted on Twitter a few days ago. I was mulling over whether not writing something about it would be worth my time and effort and then a decided fuck it!

The article in question that got this DMCA takedown notice? This one I wrote about 2 weeks ago, regarding the leaks and the supposed hackers who leaked it. The article contains no spoilers on the game’s story/plot and only has four images from the leaks that had no spoilers in them.

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