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Why the deceptive headline BBC?

Why is this headline focused on the video game aspect of this tragedy?  And not the loaded pistol that was lying around within the reach of two fighting children? Which got me wondering if they were fighting over say a chocolate bar, would the headline have been: “Chocolate Bar Death”? I am guessing because attributing responsibility to the parents involved in this tragedy would mean that other parents would also be held responsible for their lack of parenting. Which is why we see this trend of blaming video games for everything instead of asking the question: “Where were the parents.” According to the article:

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How not to celebrate a female video game icon…

Honestly, where do they get the people who make these videos? And do they even bother with doing some research first? Or check that what their guests are saying is even factually correct? As is the case with the video below:

BBC Radio 1 and their so-called “gaming expert” Julia Hardy could have spent 5 minutes on Google just to verify that all of the facts in their video was indeed correct. I use the term pretty loosely because it seems she does not know much about anything when it comes to the industry as evident by her Twitter replies on her video:

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EA is selling DLCs for DLCs in Sims 4

This may not seem like a big deal or something new for that matter since Destiny employed the same DLC mechanics, but this idea of making DLC require you own previous DLC is a sneaky way to force you to purchase content you may not even want. It is like those cable companies forcing you to buy a package with x amount of channels you don’t want so you can watch a single television show on a single channel. Electronic Arts have shown in the past with The Sims 3 that they are more than willing to sell single items for those that one specific thing and who don’t want to buy an entire DLC for it. So what has changed? Pretty much money grubbing on Electronic Arts part.

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Another garbage article relating to video game violence

Okay, whenever I read poorly research fear mongering garbage articles like this I want to straight up take a magic marker to my screen and start making corrections. But since I cannot afford a new screen, I will do the next best thing and pick apart the article one paragraph at a time. So let’s begin:Playing between 8-15 hours per day is NOT normal for anyone, and in no way is indicative of the average play time for a gamer like me. In fact, the average amount played by gamers is between 4-8 per week. And NOT 8-15 hours per day. Clearly, him spending so much time in a video game was already a sign pointing to problems in his life. Video games weren’t the problem it was one of the signs that something was wrong.

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Video game journalists there is just no pleasing them

Video game journalists have been parroting for years now that the inclusion of LGTBQ and asexual characters in video games will make the medium better. Article after article we were force fed this bullshit that making everything inclusive automatically means everything is going to be better. Only to turn around and complain about these characters, I cannot make up this shit even if I wanted too. And coincidentally all of these articles were both written by the same person (Gita Jackson) at you guessed it Kotaku. So basically there is just no middle ground where you can keep these people happy. So basically developers are fucked if they include LGTBQ and asexual characters and fucked if they don’t.

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