Outrage culture does not know how comics work…

The outrage culture has no breaks people! So you better get off the bus before it goes right off the side of a cliff and crashes into a ball of fire. So what has gotten the outrage bus picking up speed once again? Well the latest cover of Invincible Iron Man as seen below, it took a whole day before the cover was released and then pulled again on the same day due to the constantly offended taking well offense. The so-called Social Justice Warriors are having their way with Marvel alienating the larger fanbase who Marvel caters to and not the minuscule percentage of people who find this offensive and in most cases do not even support these comics beyond the first issue.


Firstly this is Scott Campell we are talking about clearly the people who supposedly read comic books would know what his art style is like. And here is the catch they don’t because then they would have known what to expect as per example below:

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The current state of South African education

Pretty much sums up the current state of education in South Africa, for those who do not know what I am talking about and don’t follow the #FeesMustFall and #ScienceMustFall movement. You can find my feelings and idiocy on the subject matter here and here.


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Twitter can’t find a buyer, must be the trolls

twitter-censorshipTwitter can’t find a buyer, must be the trolls according to Gizmodo anyway. Not that Twitters bad management or inability to properly police their platform has anything to do with it no sir! Or the needless censoring of opposing opinions. When freedom of speech equates to being called a troll, (Not denying there aren’t real trolls who inhabit the platform) then you know we are heading down a path of no return when it comes to freedom of speech. But on the other hand, they allow terrorist groups like ISIS to promote their terrorism on the very same platform. But when banning people for making fun of a celebrity and pandering to the Social Justice Warriors crowd takes president over all other mentioned issues. Then maybe you do no deserve to be bought by another company.

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