Suitably Bored is now on Discord!

Suitably Bored’s Discord server is now live! And going on nicely feel free to join by following the link below. So come chat interact with other fans of the page and enjoy yourselves. I hope to grow Suitably Bored into other social media avenues in the near future as I look to “grow” the brand in different directions. And as always thanks for all the support!

Suitably Bored Discord Channel

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And just like that I lost interest in the new Dragon Age

“Boss! Our stock prices are crashing, pre-orders and sales are down for the 3rd consecutive holiday season, people are not responding well to us injecting social and political commentary into our video games. What should we do to fix this?” “Release another game with social and political themes, of course!”

Do these people never fucken learn? Do these developers and publishers never learn? How many times are we going to go down this road? You insert this garbage into your games and cater to people who aren’t your fanbase and who don’t buy your games at all. And when your game flops which it inevitably does, you act surprised that your core audience refused to support your game because of it. When a company like Bioware says a video game will political and diverse they mean it’s going to be overly political and haphazardly diverse, and the quality subpar. Mass Effect Andromeda being a prime example of this a once amazing franchise reduced to garbage because of it. So when the narrative director for the new Dragon Age opened his mouth I just knew the new entry into the franchise is in trouble:

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SonicFox and the Video Game Awards Cringe…

So a gay black furry won best Esports player and accepted the award in his fursuit at the Video Game Awards 2018, it sounds like a setup to a joke, but it really isn’t. It is an actual thing that happened at the award ceremony:

I am all for live and let live, but was it really necessary to have his entire speech revolve around politics and demonizing an entire group of people?  “I am everything Republicans hate” a rather misinformed statement that is also incorrect. He might be a talented Esports player but with most things in life, you can be the most talented person in the world but still be an ignorant fool. The night was supposed to be about celebrating video games and the people who create them, even sadder was the fact that people actually cheered when making that statement. Having said that he is a good representative for the gaming community to show the rest of the world that we are a diverse, non-bigoted group of people. As good as he is at gaming, he needs to let go of this virtue signaling.

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Far Cry: New Dawn when you need outrage to sell a game

The announcement of Far Cry: New Dawn and its cover reeks of Ubisoft trying to appeal to the same crowd that threw their toys out of the cot after the release of Far Cry 5. Not that the franchise holds any interest for me anymore not after the 3rd game anyway. Take the same engine, the same gameplay, and the same mechanics and just copy and paste it into a new setting.  It is like copying someone’s homework assignment and just changing it enough so that no one notices that it is pretty much the same thing again.

There hasn’t been a hero/main character on the cover since Blood Dragon:

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Journalists now writing hit pieces on support animals

Imagine having such a slow news day that you are willing to write a hit piece on a dead ex-president’s support dog Sully. I cannot tell if it is new levels of stupidity or a new low for journalism. I am going to just come right out and say this: It seems apparent that Ruth Graham doesn’t know much about dogs, or service animals judging by the article. And it is abundantly clear that they don’t have a pet because if they did, they would know that animals and humans take very little to get attached to each other, 6 months for a human is 3.5 years in a dog’s life.

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Welcome to the Bethesda/Fallout 76 shit show!

Bethesda simply cannot catch a break, can they? From abandoning what made the franchise so amazing, to the disastrous bugs which included one that deleted your entire game which meant that you had to re-download the entire game from scratch. Constant server disconnections, bad framerates on the PlayStation 4 and high-end PC’s and an ancient graphics engine that cannot keep up with the games requirements. Not to mention Bethesda influencing social media influencers under the table for positive feedback on their game. And not forgetting the false advertising that took place with the special edition of the game where people paid for a Canvas bag but instead got a cheap Nylon bag. And now this:

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Battlefield V: Get Woke, Go Broke

John Ringo’s term “get woke, go broke” is pretty apt for this situation since announcing Battlefield V and re-writing history and inserting woman everywhere it sure seems to have worked out for them. So much so that mere week after release the game was already being discounted:

But I am absolutely 100% positive that it has nothing to do with the fact that fans were told that if you don’t like the direction the franchise is going in that you should not buy it:

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