Netflix walkout organizer ends up being a racist themselves

Am I the only one who is noticing this trend recently of extremely woke people, being revealed to be garbage human beings who are both bigots and bullies themselves? I guess the reason for this is it is the best way to bully and intimidate people. And these people being sociopaths, they love having power over others. So in a reveal that should have not surprised anyone. Ashlee Marie Preston, the person who was the leader and organized the Netflix walkout due to the Dave Chappelle special has a few skeletons in her social media closet.

So the worst racist and every kind of phobe you can think of is the one saying Dave Chappelle’s comedy special should be removed from Netflix. I would ask what possible defense is there that can allow Netflix to keep her employed? How to tell that someones is in a cult and doesn’t know it. Radicalized cultists like Ashlee Marie Preston will always outwardly project because it takes a true depth of character and effort to look in the mirror. The rather vile tweets were compiled in a rather convenient single image.

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Dave Chappelle Vs. Trans People

Like fucken clock work, and oh so very predictable. Whenever Dave Chappelle releases a new comedy special, all the social justice cockroaches come out of their dark little holes to try to cancel him for whatever reason. This time around, they want to cancel him for making fun of that untouchable group you absolutely aren’t allowed to make fun of. The group in question? That would be the alphabet soup brigade. Aka the LGBTQ+ community. And before I continue let me make it abundantly clear for those that claim: “CanCeL cULtUrE iSn’T rEaL”. If it is not real then what do you call actively stalking, attacking, and trying to remove someone from their job for having the wrong opinion or making a joke. In before: “It’S CaLlEd BeInG HeLd aCcOuNtAbLe FoR yOuR ViEwS.” No it is being attacked for not having the popular opinions and for making harmless jokes.

They will cry on a daily basis about being harassed, bullied, and targeted for their sexual preference. But given a chance, they will turn around attack, harras and bully someone to the point that they committed suicide. The person in question was transgender comedian Daphne Dorman that was a close friend of Dave’s. But between all the angry articles and the LGBTQ+ community, not a single whisper or word was said about her. Because you self-righteous fuckheads caused her death, you fucken murdered her in cold blood, while self-righteously pretending what Dave Chappel said was not true and hateful. You fucken idiots proved Dave Chappelle right, And none of you did a single thing to help Daphne Dorman’s family or her orphaned daughter. Yet Dave stepped up and started a college fund for Daphne’s daughter Naia.

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Lawd Dem Rangs: Return Of We Wuz Kangs

“One ideology to rule them all, One critical race theory to find them, One pseudo-reality to bring them all together. And in the wokeness bind them, In the land of social justice where the bigotry lies.” God all fucken mighty I wish they would just leave Tolkien alone. He did so much for the entirety of fantasy fiction, we somehow managed to get three fantastic movie adaptations, he must be spinning in his fucken grave right now watching the woke crowd over at Amazon Studios defile his fantasy novel. Strangely enough, Amazon Studio is doing the exact same thing with the Wheel of time series of books, which is really kinda weird because the books are so racially diverse in the first place.

And it unfortunately ALWAYS follows the same steps: Step 1: Be uncreative. Step 2: Use someone else’s creative work to supplement your lack of imagination. Step 3: Change the lore and insert modern-day politics into it because you have never read/watched it and you think your vision is so much better than the original creator despite their lack of imagination. Repeat steps 1 through 3. It also never stops being funny how when white people adopt POC culture it’s called cultural appropriation, but when POC are inserted into white culture it’s called diversity. They are basically going through a list of popular franchises ruining them and then moving on once it doesn’t make money and starts losing viewers.

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