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Someday I am going to eye roll myself into another dimension

These are the kind of articles that have made Kotaku a laughingstock among gamers. I am not going to quote this article line for line like I usually do I am afraid the stupidity might be catchy. So I will leave it up to you guys to slog through it. My first question would be what was the purpose of this article? Studio MDHR got inspiration and ideas for Cuphead’s art direction from an era where racism was rampant. So what? Plenty of modern-day artists get their inspiration from artists of the past. It really isn’t uncommon for modern artists to draw inspiration from older art forms. Does that make them racist? No. Does it mean they have some sort of obligation to give us a history lesson and teach us about the past?

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Dressing up fake death threats as the truth

I really don’t get why some people like Patrick Klepek and the rest of the industry decided to become video game journalists. You don’t seem to like video games at all, neither do you like your audience. You even use gamer as an insult and find every opportunity to shit on your own audience. What are you doing here exactly? Go find a different job. So it comes as no real surprise when a random stranger on Twitter lies and states he is an Electronic Arts developer, who received death threats over the Battlefront 2 microtransaction backlash that the gaming press would jump on the opportunity to report on it. Websites like: WCCF TechGame RantFor The WinScreen Rant, and Fortune all reported this as a fact with really looking into it.

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Amazing Dragon Ball Z Fan Film: “Light of Hope”

“Light of Hope is a 35-minute short film based on the Android Saga, which focuses specifically on the future timeline in which Androids 17 and 18 have razed the world, leaving but a few survivors left. After nearly all of the Z Fighters have fallen, Gohan, Bulma, and her son Trunks toil away day in and out trying to figure out how they might be able to save their world.”

Wow, I have to say that fan-made material is usually better than the corporate stuff, partly because amateurs do it for love, while the professionals do it for money. Watching a turd drop in a toilet is 10,000 times better than the Dragonball Evolution movie we got. And this fan-made movie is certainly light years ahead of the movie. Dragon Ball is one of my top guilty pleasures. I really hope someone does make another attempt to make a proper live-action adaptation. Trailer below:

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Microtransactions removed from Battlefront 2 [For Now]

This statement from Dice is the very definition of disingenuous. A vastly more honest translation would be this:

“In light of the Loot-box and Micro-transaction shit-storm our controlling partner and owner E.A. has been seriously spooked by the very real possibility that not only will this game fail to meet projected sales, but that it may irrevocably damage our ability to leverage off the single biggest revenue stream E.A. We would like to close this statement by thanking all of you for providing us with such a valuable lesson that although raw greed will always be our primary motivator, we must be smarter and learn to tread lightly when it comes to consumer manipulation and conditioning. So for now then, please enjoy Star Wars Battlefront the way it was meant to be played, at least until this all blows over, at which point we will patch micro-transactions back into the game. It is, after-all, still a product we regard as a premium cash cow.”

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Don’t expect anymore physical releases of indie video games

Ever wonder why your favorite indie title never gets a physical release? Well if you guessed it was due to corporate greed then you are correct. Before September 2017 it was possible to launch a physical version of an existing, digital-only game without paying for the additional ESRB rating. Well in September, the ESRB board announced a new tier for rating video games that were digitally released and then got a physical copy. This new tier allows any video game title with a budget of $1 million dollars or less to be rated as a physical game for just $3000 instead of having to pay the usual submission price of $10000. That sounds like a better deal right? Wrong!

With this new change, it means it is now a requirement for every video game released as a physical copy to pay this $3000 fee and carry an ESRB rating. And all three console manufacturers signed a document agreeing to this. According to an ESRB spokesperson: “Obtaining ESRB assigned age and content ratings has always been voluntary” problem is without one of those ratings slapped on your game you are basically shut out from the mainstream market. They have now basically created a monopoly with the three big names Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo running the entire thing with the ESRB and no one monitoring them.

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