Some shameless self-promotion!

I don’t often do shameless self-promotions for my blog and the other social media platforms Suitably Bored finds itself on, other than sharing the articles I write on here. But I think after 8 years of writing and running this blog I am allowed one or two instances of shameless self-promotion. So this post will run down some of the social media websites Suitably Bored can be found on and other projects that I am doing on the side. So I will start with the platforms with the most followers and work my way down:

Instagram is my biggest social media platform by far and where I am the most active (besides Twitter). I generally don’t post anything blog related to Instagram but rather more things of a personal nature, and some of my meme creations. So you if have an Instagram account please feel free to follow me over here.

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Twitch streamer ZombaeKillz pulls race card for free consoles

Imagine for a moment it is the release of a new console, everyone who worked hard this year to save up for it and stood in long queues to purchase their new console. Now imagine you are a black streamer who pretends that they are “marginalized” and “oppressed” describing themselves as an “activist and a variety streamer” who cannot afford for whatever reason to get one of these new consoles. So you have two choices, either you start saving up to go buy your own console, OR in Twitch streamer ZombaeKillz case you pull the race card quicker than a hooker pulling off her clothes during a strip show.

And she not only attempted this with Sony’s PlayStation but did she did the exact same race-based grift with Microsoft’s Xbox. Because why not? Free shit because of the color of my skin right and pretending to be oppressed. Because oppressed means playing and streaming video games in a first world country most people in third world countries cannot afford it because they are too busy avoiding getting killed and dying of hunger.

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Cowboy Bebop Live Action: Following the well-worn path…

Remember the last article I wrote about Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Live-Action TV show?  And how they cast the character of Gren and reimagined him as a nonbinary character played by a nonbinary actor who no one has ever heard of before. And to make things worse this actor has absolutely no idea what/who the character actually is. Well, I did not even finish publishing that article when the actor posted and then deleted this tweet.

Because in the history of entertainment, has it never once backfired on these people when the actors attack the fanbase or say something inflammatory to get a reaction out of the fandom. But I guess they did not learn from other examples like the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot, Terminator: Dark Fate, Charlies Angels reboot, and Birds of Prey.

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Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop adaption is heading for a crash…

Remember back in 2018 when they announced that Netflix will produce a live-action Cowboy Bebop? Remember how earlier this year red flags started popping up during the production? It first started with producer Grillo-Marxuach explaining that his version of Cowboy Bebop is not a straight one-to-one adaptation. It will have its own narrative and own story separate from the main Cowboy Bebop universe.

Then there were his “modernizing” and modern sensibilities of the movie comments. Which basically translates: We’re fucking with the source material because we don’t agree with it.

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Marvel Avengers lost 96% of its playerbase…

Albert Einstein defines the definition of insanity which by you do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Game developers have dug themselves into a hole with GAAS (Games As A Service). All these developers are chasing after the big money that it brings in and the rare instances it does work, meaning they have a cash cow they can milk for a couple of years (Bungi‘s Destiny comes to mind). But there is a reason why Destiny works while those trying to emulate fails. It takes hard work, dedication constant updates, and balancing for the game to work. Something that Bungi learned the hard way during the original game’s release. 

So imagine for a moment creating a video game franchise off a popular movie franchise that made well over 7.6 billion dollars in revenue and spawned thousands of toys and merchandise items and has basically become a household name and now has a massive cult following. Now imagine developing a video game around this and spending 190 million dollars only for it to make a 64 million dollar loss and only sell 3 million copies.

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