If I can have a moment of your time…

Before I start, some ancient history. I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog for many years and after many failed attempts I finally build up the courage and started Suitablybored, and it has now been running for well over two years now. It might not be the best out there, it might not be the most visited but it is my own creation. Down from the art and the layout to the articles and rants that I write, everything has been a labor of love. About eight months ago I also started a Facebook fan page, which strangely enough had taken off more than I expected, which also has turned into a labor of love. Unfortunately, the side effect of spending so much time on my Blog and Facebook page is the amount of data I use a month.


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Apparently celebrities know better than us

Am I the only one getting annoyed by the fact that the rich and elitist few in Hollywood love talking down to us poor common folk? Telling us what to think and believe? Telling me I am racist and intolerant by the very same people who have long since lost touch with how the other 99% of people live. From Meryl Streep’s anti-Donald Trump golden globe acceptance speech, George Clooney, who famously said that: “There will never be a president Donald Trump”  and feminists like Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham who love to remind us how oppressed they are despite being wealthy as fuck and successful. Now don’t get me wrong they have the right to express their political views like pretty much anyone else.

05ac5c153b1b2fb60a63ec743716822aThe fact that celebrities are active in politics does not bother me as much as the fact that they use their social media platforms to push political agenda’s and how self-important they can be. Imagine for a moment. You are having a date night with your loved one at a posh upmarket restaurant, while the waiter is serving your food and tells you to enjoy the meal he blurts out that Donald Trump is a fascist, racist bigot before turning around and leaving. I doubt that would be viewed as appropriate given the situation. If you want to be viewed as a professional in your respective field then your political views should not be part of that, unless you are a politician. And celebrities it seems does not understand this, given the fact that they now turn every award show into a political platform for their views.

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U2 won’t release new album in 2017 because of Trump’s victory

All I can say is take your time Bono and U2, take a 10-year break or maybe even a 20-year break and spare us from your corporate recycled pop music. It is really amazing the sense of self-importance movie stars and musicians give to themselves for doing absolutely nothing more than entertaining the masses. The problem with rich entertainers like Bono, U2, and Hollywood, in general, is that they have become so out of touch with how normal people live.

2017_01_16_16_05_25_u2_won_t_release_new_album_because_of_donald_trumpThey start out humble like the rest of us normal “plebs” but fortune and fame quickly go to their heads. It is like a drug it owns you, it turns you into something else. And soon afterward’s you start believing and thinking just how “great” you supposedly are, and that all of the normal people on the street want’s to know your opinion and what you think. Well, we don’t. So please lads just do us all a favor and retire. You haven’t made a decent record since 1991….

[Editorial Note:] They are probably going to go back to the recording studio to write a few tracks whinging and whining like Green Day has the last couple of weeks after Trump’s victory.

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When a Japanese developer takes the shit out of the SJW

Nier Automata is a video game with a girl that has an ass (like most women do) and who wears a skirt, so when sliding down a ladder you can peek under her skirt and see her panty covered ass. Are you as outraged as I am right now!? This is outrageously outrageous.!? It really is nice to have a video game creator who doesn’t give a fuck what social justice warriors say and stands by his art and his video game. Instead of capitulating to their demands and cowering in a corner. God bless you for being such a good sport with a sense of humor, Taro-san.

acjcWe definitely need more developers like yourself to stand up to these people. Having said that Yoko Taro is a pretty weird character himself. He writes rather “strange” but entertaining stories and is in general quite a quirky guy in general, he demands to wear a mask during interviews. Having said that fighting for the “digital rights” of some collection of pixels is an extremely pointless and useless endeavor. Why not use that time and energy on something real world. Don’t like butts or panties? Don’t play it. Done. Not everything has to be turned into a controversy….

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