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io9’s hot take on The Punisher and Frank Castle

“Frank’s willingness to kill and his ability to outmaneuver virtually everything in the MCU makes seeing him as a hero somewhat difficult.” THAT IS THE ENTIRE FUCKEN POINT OF FRANK CASTLE’S CHARACTER. Where the fuck does io9 find writers like Charles Pulliam-Moore? Because clearly, he has had little no exposure to the Punisher franchise it seems. Hey, Charles, they have a word for someone like The Punisher: “anti-hero.”  The Punisher has been an anti-hero his entire existence as a character. The comic book audience knows that. They are fine with his killing because he’s still righting wrongs. (Well it bothers you it seems.) And unlike normal superheroes, his methods just so happens to have a more permanent effect:

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When trying to shame male comic book artists backfires…

When you try and smear male comic book artists but instead highlight the decline in artistic skill in today’s comic book industry. Most of the garbage artwork DC pushes out these days is boring and uninspired. It’s taking the gritty and detailed version and turning it into kids cartoon. Less shading, less detail, and less intensity…

[Editorial Note:] Starfire is DC, not Marvel as I retardedly stated, fixed it now.

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To boldly go where everyone has gone before…

Before we start here was the original headline for the article which read as follows: “How Sonequa Martin-Green became the first black lead of Star Trek: ‘My casting says that the sky is the limit for all of us” Lucky for us Gill and the Independent the internet never forgets. Thank goodness for websites like archive.is that help us capture these golden moments.

Gill Pringle might I point out Avery Brooks he was the Captain and black lead for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from 1993 – 1999 a total of 6 years. He played the role of Capt. Benjamin Sisko:

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Polygon forgets how to Tomb Raider

So in addition to not needing to be any good at playing games when reviewing said video games, these so-called video game journalists also don’t need to be good at reporting and writing about video game related news:

Hey, Julia Alexander, this might come as a shock to you but Lara Croft was not originally designed by Square Enix:

Not even a single minute in Google to do that bit of research. Also, its first release was not on the original PlayStation but on the SEGA Saturn, followed by the PlayStation and PC versions:

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Tomb Raider Movie: Well this isn’t a great start…

Well Hollywood that certainly isn’t a great start for another movie based off a video game franchise, you would think with their multi-million dollar budget they would at least do a proper job when photoshopping the poster for the new Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander:

Well shit, is Lara now some sort of giraffe-necked mutant?  Looks like her head is about to pop off the rest of her body and start migrating in a herd with the rest of the giraffe in Africa. Must suck for the movies PR team when everyone is talking about your bad photoshop instead of the actual movie…

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