The insidious cancellation of Scott Cawthon

Before I start let me make it abundantly clear for those that claim: “CanCeL cULtUrE iSn’T rEaL”. If it is not real then what do you call actively stalking, attacking, and trying to remove someone from their job position for an extended period of time because of what political party he decided to give money to? In before: “It’S CaLlEd BeInG HeLd aCcOuNtAbLe FoR yOuR ViEwS.” The latest victim of cancel culture is Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s media franchise. His massive sin for being targeted for cancellation? Being a conservative Christian and making political donations to Republican candidates and PACs in 2020.

I am flabbergasted, flummoxed, absolutely floored, that the dude from Houston, Texas, whose previous works include “The Jesus Kids’ Club” and “A Christmas Journey: About the Blessings God Gives”, just might be a conservative Christian.

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Gay Pride Month: Corporate pandering at its best!

Don’t you guys just love gay pride month? A month when all big multi-billion dollar corporations suddenly change their social media pictures to the LGBTQ+ flag colors and also suddenly remembers that they have LGBTQ+ consumers who frequently buy and consume their products. This meme sums it up perfectly well:

Which is kind of ironic if you think about it, back when gay marriage was still not legalized, and you could end up in jail in some countries for having same-sex relationship these companies were nowhere to be found. But now that being gay has become more socially acceptable and more mainstream all of a sudden these companies have come out to support the LGBTQ community. No! Could it be that they waited till it was more fashionable and profitable for them and their brand image before they began supporting the movement? But don’t question that my fellow gays, just consume and buy our products.

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Heavy Metal Magazine goes woke…

Well, shit, this was most likely the last company I expected to go woke on social media, but here we are Heavy Metal Magazine has decided to go woke and take a big massive shit on all its fans. And follow the well-worn path that both Marvel and DC Comics have taken in the past. Long story short, fans spoke out on some recent costume changes made to Taarna the flagship character of Heavy Metal.

And they went “Heavy Mental” on their fans. They started insulting and antagonizing fans. Heavy Metal: “Our old fans are unwashed children who don’t change their underwear, we don’t need them.” Because in the history of shaming and attacking fans has it ever worked out.

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