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vault-boy-wallpaperHi guys just a heads-up, firstly thanks for all the amazing support in making this blog and it’s Facebook page truly amazing. If you managed to subscribe too my blog without knowing about it’s Facebook page please give it a visit here:  I am also on Twitter if you prefer Twitter over Facebook: I have a pretty bad Pinterest addiction and have a page dedicated to cosplay and general geek/nerd culture over here: And last but not least if you enjoy reading my blog please support me on Patreon: Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy your stay!

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If the Witcher 3 was made into a HBO series


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GameTrailers is shutting down

gametrailersThis is so heartbreaking and shocking. It’s just… wow…the GameTrailers crew were one of the very few gaming news outlets that were genuinely enthusiastic about video games as a hobby and in general. If you asked any one of them what was their favorite game last year was, they could name at least a dozen games that they enjoyed.  I remember discovering them back in 2003 and sticking to them because they allowed you to download their videos, which was awesome due to my shitty internet connection at the time. Best of luck to the staff finding new employment and I hope all their content was saved. Their stuff is leagues above the crap that people call reviews and video game journalism. You will be missed…

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Social Justice: The Musical

That footage makes me unreasonably mad. After all this time I still cannot comprehend how the fuck we come to being so overly politically correct in this day and age, and in such a forward thinking society. Amazing work, definitely going to get shared it where possible.

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Let’s talk about Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

I am about 12 hours into the game and so far it looks absolutely amazing, handles well with no noticeable frame rate drops and seems like a decent evolution from train wreck that was Unity. I didn’t run into any serious or obvious bugs, other than a single texture popping up in front of me while doing a side quest. I am also a massive fan of the gritty Victorian style. I will admit the lip syncing is off par when not in cut scenes, but other than that I really don’t have any complaints. Since Ezio Auditore I actually forgot that a main character in an Assassin’s Creed can actually be charming, relatable, and likeable.


Ubisoft has failed to create a protagonist as nuanced as Ezio since Assassins Creed 2, but it finally pulled it off with the Frye twins. They also introduce a fun new way to play.  While Jacob favours a more loud and violent approach to a situation, his twin sister Evie is more adept at taking enemies out silently without anyone noticing her. This is a clever design choice having two playable characters in a single game and makes for an unexpectedly refreshing change in the franchise.

Image473-585x300Also a serious mention goes to the on-train combat and parkour combat/running, it really does feel like the franchise has gone back to its roots.I genuinely believe that if Unity never released last year and Syndicate followed right after Black Flag, that Syndicate would have received a much more positive reception than it did and far less hate from the gaming community. The one thing I have taken away from playing Syndicate so far is that Ubisoft is still capable of trying something new and exciting with the series. And that it is one of the most underrated games of 2015.

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