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Mass Effect Andromeda: Looking pretty bland so far…

Am I the only one thinking that after the latest trailer release for Mass Effect Andromeda that it looks rather boring and dull?  You know like one of those bland generic powerpoint presentation at those mind-numbingly corporate training meetings? I am thoroughly disappointed at what I have seen. But you may ask how can you judge a game before it is released? Well is that not the whole idea behind trailers, sneak peeks and promotional material to draw me in as a gamer and peak my interest in the game? Despite the terrible hamfisted ending of the 3rd game and the entire franchise I adore the Mass Effect trilogy, I fell in love with it’s blending of modern themes and sci-fi tropes, I thought the game created something unique and appealing and bought something new to the sci-fi space genre of video games.


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CBR & Comic Book Artists: Normalizing Violence

What the actual fuck did I just look at?! Next, to the entire PewDiePie incident this week this has to be the most retarded thing I have seen and read this entire week. Even scarier than this is a number of people who liked this post on their Facebook page. Look I get it I get art and comic books are there to push the boundaries in society but to call half the voting population Nazi supporters for voting for a man who clearly is not a Nazi. And then saying punching nazis is okay and reinforce it with art depicting this normalizes violence towards those with different world views. And the grand irony behind this is people saying other people don’t have the right to speak because you disagree with them and condoning violence against said persons is exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews.


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Next time you call someone a Neo-Nazi or a Fascist

Next time you call someone a Neo-Nazi or a fascist for not agreeing with your political view and or opinions during a discussion alway remember what real Fascism and Nazism looks like. To equate someone who disagrees with your viewpoint political or otherwise as being an “actual” Nazis or even a Skinhead or KKK that have actually committed atrocities is not only bullshit fear mongering but also lessons the impact of the atrocities committed.


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The mainstream media is fighting for relevance

With the recent events surrounding PewDiePie and the media now dog-piling him, and trying to smear and end his career as a famous YouTuber. And without sounding too much like a tinfoil loving conspiracy theorist, it does seem like a coordinated attack on his person and career by the media. Carefully crafting a narrative that he is a hateful, racist, anti-semite who is influencing millions of his fans to do exactly the same. And the reason for this? Because recently he as been rather critical of the media and how they are lying slanderous sacks of shit. Unlike The Wall Street Journal and Wired, PewDiePie has a far larger platform than those two publications combined and a platform that watches and listens to what he has to say. While traditional print media and online publications are struggling to stay relevant with their shitty clickbait articles.


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