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Ninja wont stream with woman so he must hate woman right?

Why do I have to even explain this? Apparently, some people don’t understand the issue. Ninja is taking precautions to protect his marriage because he loves his wife and cares about their relationship. This has nothing to do with equal treatment or rights of woman, Ninja is trying to avoid having unnecessary drama. He is a famous online celebrity and rich now. And sadly, that means he will have a target painted on his back and have his very own merry band of haters coming after him. There is also the risk of ceaseless harassment and threats to him, his wife, family and loved ones. Protecting your relationships and personal life from gossip is nothing new. Hollywood has been doing it since its inception, it is the number one reason some famous people don’t even come out with who they are dating publicly. I find this situation extremely ludicrous beyond belief, he is capable of making his own choices and should not be held answerable to anyone.

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Ruby Rose: Not lesbian enough for Batwoman role…

Tl;dr: Some Anti- Social Justice Warriors are mad because they literally just learned that Batwoman exists and is gay:

Some Social Justice Warriors are pissed because they decided the actress to play Batwoman isn’t gay enough:

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VG journalists hatred against Japanese video games

I already talked about Dead or Alive 6 and it’s toning down of its fanservice, and inevitably run into some idiot on social media who will proclaim that: “There was no sustained media campaign to tone down the fanservice in the Dead or Alive franchise.” So next time you run across someone like that show them this:

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New DOOM makes a Tumblr/SJW joke about demons

And as you would expect people reacted:

These are the same people who in all likelihood would never play the game anyway and where the same people who said politics in video games are fine. Them: “All games must be political in nature.” DOOM: “Okay here you go!” Them: “Woah! No, not like that!” The game makes fun of the easily offended, the easily offended people get offended and don’t realize that it was the whole joke. Imagine playing a game full of ridiculous over the top violence and portrayal of the male power fantasy and be offended by a hologram asking for some political correctness?

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Zoink Games: We don’t need any CIS white male reviewers

Just imagine for a second not being interested in a video game critic doing a review on your game based on the color of their skin and their sexual preferences. This comes off as being inclusive while not including certain people. Which is a little too similar to “separate but equal”. All while being both sexist and racist…

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