We are getting a MacGyver reboot no one asked for

Who even wanted this? Which television executive woke up one morning and thought, “I bet there is still at least one 30 year old show some people still kind of remember and sort of liked back in the day that we could mine for nostalgia-based ratings,”? Evidently, one of the ones at CBS. The problem with rebooting shows like this is most of the appeal of the original show was due to the star, in this case Richard Dean Anderson, who won’t be part of this reboot. It’s just one of those cases where the actor was a perfect fit for the role. I don’t think the show would have had the appeal that it had if somebody else had been cast in that role. What gets me in this case is they are calling the show a ‘prequel’, yet its set in modern times. 

macgyverAll the references to the department of Homeland Security which did not exist prior to 2001. Who are these two clowns Gunner and Mickey? Why not use Jack Dalton and Mike Forrester? MacGyver’s actual friends from the show? I am pretty sure there’s an episode where it is mentioned that MacGyver knows Jack for a very long, long time. They are also be missing out on key characters like Pete and Murdoc. And, if they want to hold to canon, Kate and Sam are parts of the timeline too. Not to mention the biggest gripe I have with the trailer McGyver hated guns because, in a ‘Stand by me’ flashback episode, he’d shot and killed his best friend as a child. Dean Anderson, was MacGyver, and he was a damn good one.

macgyver22f-2-webRemember when some nitwit thought it would be a good idea to reboot Knight RiderAnd looked how that turned out. They are also going to be writing themselves into a corner, MacGyver was about 34 when the original show starts and he was 39 when the last episode of season 5 aired, so they only have about 10 years of his life to play with before they get into the overlap. But the premise of the new show isn’t what the original show was about, and therefore they are already on the wrong path. It looks a lot like they are just slapping a name on something and forgetting to scribble the core tenets of what makes MacGyver ‘MacGyver’ on the big white board in their writing room. Dear Hollywood, we did not ask for a reboot of MacGyver, Robocop or Ghostbusters please stop it…

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Notch: The destroyer of cunts

To give some context before I begin this article, Notch the creator of the wildly popular Minecraft recently came under fire from media outlets and Twitter for whatever blight the social justice warriors were fighting that week. They claim Notch is feeling oppressed and “masculinity so fragile”, he laughs, goes and takes a shit on his solid gold toilet, than drinks a $5,000 bottle of brandy while playing Quake Live. And of course Notch being Notch gave them the responses they were baiting him for, which included calling a feminist a cunt after she called him a dick. And of course the gaming media latched onto that like a bunch of vultures circling a rotten carcass. And the irony here is like something straight out of a comedy show. Notch explained why the term “mansplaining” is used by women to dismiss a person’s views based on their gender.

NbgWTYGOf course Twitter and video game journalists the special snow flakes they are responds by using that term to dismiss the man’s views based on his gender. Someone calls him a dick, no outcry of sexism. He responds with cunt, suddenly it’s a problem. These people want equal rights for everyone were suddenly up in arms, well guess what that equal rights also extends to fights. So if you are going to start throwing punches in a internet fight irrespective if you are male or female, expect them to throw punches back at you. Notch is 100% in the right, and if the recent James Rofle “controversy” was anything to go by the majority will always side with you when you’re right, even if the media tries to spin you as the bad guy.

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Amazing Ciri cosplay from Witcher 3

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Delicious source for this amazing Ciri cosplay by Vera Zaitceva can be found here.

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So am I the only one thinking that the ‪#‎GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend hashtag currently trending on Twitter is retarded? So I am going to echo what the minority on Twitter has been saying that this is ridiculous. I hate when people and especially the media force a non-issue like this. Let it be what it is and promote the characters that already are, if you want a homosexual character then pressure writers and artist to create a valid, well written character.  Instead of trying to hijack a traditional straight character that has an extremely well documented heterosexual love affair with first Peggy Carter and now her niece, it is cheap and comes off even more insulting to the LGBT community.

tumblr_o74j86klmi1v13ap9o1_500It’s not real representation if you just flip a character sexuality. Create legitimate LGBT characters in the Marvel universe if you want representation real representation and not something tacked on to satisfy the child like screaming on social media. Wonder Woman has for what seems like forever been a staple symbol for strong independent women. Black Panther and Luke Cage have been examples of heroism for many black men over the years and have in recent years gained more popularity and respect rather than just “that black character.” And the same goes for Captain America.

tumblr_nw4wriFkXa1t5zkgdo1_500I am far more willing to accept that two heterosexual men who have grown up together and gone through what Steve and Bucky have can just be exceptionally close friends. Not everything in this world needs to boil down to sex or your sexuality. I love the fact that their friendship is just that, an incredibly strong respect for each other where either would die for one another. Please Marvel for the love of God, don’t reduce this wonderful aspect of these two character to something that panders to those who just want to see their cause promoted.

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