Some shameless self-promotion!

I don’t often do shameless self-promotions for my blog and the other social media platforms Suitably Bored finds itself on, other than sharing the articles I write on here. But I think after 8 years of writing and running this blog I am allowed one or two instances of shameless self-promotion. So this post will run down some of the social media websites Suitably Bored can be found on and other projects that I am doing on the side. So I will start with the platforms with the most followers and work my way down:

Instagram is my biggest social media platform by far and where I am the most active (besides Twitter). I generally don’t post anything blog related to Instagram but rather more things of a personal nature, and some of my meme creations. So you if have an Instagram account please feel free to follow me over here.

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The “Console Wars” And PC Elitists “PC Master Race” is Stupid

With the announcements of the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5, the subsequent Console Wars and PC Elitists fighting each other has once again flared up. For those living under a rock, console wars is when grown adults fight on the internet over what electronic toy is better one to support and buy. They would often defend their chosen platform to death or like their livelihoods depends on it, almost like they get a paid a salary to constantly defend their hardware of choice online. And just for the record brand loyalty is just as bad as blind fanboyism and while I am not loyal to a brand, I do have well-established expectations for certain brands when I support and buy them. If I buy a product and find it good, I don’t really see a reason to buy an alternative product, unless something is released that is better value for money at a similar price range or lower.

I am guessing this blind fanboyism stems from the fact that they want to believe that they spent their money on the best possible piece of hardware they could afford, so they champion for the thing that they bought. But what they miss by doing this is that this blind fanboyism doesn’t make you a better fan, what it does make you is a mindless consumer who just mindlessly consumes products. That would also explain why these people cannot accept criticism of their favorite company. Criticism of your favorite platform isn’t meant to destroy or harm Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony, but is instead meant to help them improve. You can still enjoy something and yet still be critical of it. And the irony isn’t lost on me when these people are arguing over corporate products that is being produced by million/billion and even trillion-dollar companies.

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Netflix’s “Cuties” is vile, disgusting pedophile bait…

So by now most of you who aren’t living underneath a rock would know about Netflix’s Cuties and the controversy surrounding it. I initially did not say anything about the movie until I got to watch it, so I could deliver a proper take on the entire situation. And if you are a parent like myself I should warn you now, avoid this movie at all costs. It is vile, disgusting pedophile bait masquerading as a coming age story. And just that you know I am not hyperbolic about all of this let me highlight some of the things that happen in this movie that had no context too it. There is a scene where 11-year-old protagonists (Amy) take a picture of her vagina and posts it on social media using a cellphone she stole from a man. Then there is a scene where she tries to sneak into the men’s room, so she can try and take a picture of a man’s dick.

When the young girls get caught by two security guards trespassing, instead of talking their way out of it they start flirting in sexually suggestive ways to get themselves out of trouble. This is followed up by them playing outside and picking up a used condom, which the protagonist (Amy) promptly picks up and blows it up like a balloon. The finale of the movie is a 2-minute dance scene where these 11-year-old girls are twerking in skimpy tight-fitting outfits while they hump the floor, twerk, and touch themselves in suggestive ways while giving the audience watching them bedroom eyes. This while the camera focuses on all the right places aka their crotches and asses. This movie made me feel extremely uncomfortable and not in a good way. It felt dirty, it felt wrong something I have never felt in my 40 years on this planet. 

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Disney’s Mulan: Got woke and went for broke…

Disney’s Mulan is going about as well as you would have expected, remember how the lead actress (Liu Yifei) endorsed the oppression of Hong Kong and its protestors? You know where mainland China literally beat the shit out of, imprisoned, and made dozens of people disappear during those protests:

Remember how they removed Shang from the movie, and how they and took out Mushu all in the name of Toxic Masculinity? Mulan is literally a story of overcoming stereotypes. Those characters existed to show how people can grow and become more accepting as a person. Seems counterproductive to remove them right?

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Remedy & 505 Games has some explaining to do…

Remember when 505 games explained why only the Ultimate edition of their game Control would be able to get the next-gen free upgrade. I think the rest of us do as well:

Remember the final crafted reason they gave for not being able to upgrade all versions?

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