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Faux outrage over woman only Wonder Woman screening

Like literally this is the first I’m actually hearing about this “Women only screening.”  And my first reaction was I don’t really give a flying fuck. It is not like I would ever be at one of those pre-release screenings anyways. I am not nearly famous enough or run with the “right”  to get invited to one of these events. And I really have no problem with women’s only, ladies night stuff. The whole “But no stuff for men” and this faux outrage is what makes me cringe. These journalists who write articles likes this just want to create fake outrage by needlessly antagonizing people and making something that should just be a fun event for women into a big “fuck you” to men. It’s pathetic.

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Dear Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian

Dear Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian, the Far Cry franchise was and never will be a franchise based on political views or agenda pushing. Especially since the Far Cry games have batshit insane stories and who’s main bad guys are always mass murdering psychopaths, who enjoy the thrill of killing. So expecting it to deliver some sort of political commentary is absolutely hilarious. There is absolutely nothing in Anita Sarkeesian’s statements or how she views video games to indicate that she operates under anything even approaching a rational worldview.

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Titanfall 2: Campaign Review

While Titanfall 2 might be known for its excellent multiplayer, there is something little less know about this title and not many reviews touched on this. Which is why I decided to do a review on only the campaign aspect of the game and not the multiplayer. As much as I enjoyed the multiplayer experience sinking hundreds of hours into it, the one big aspect that really shined in the game was the single player campaign. I was extremely skeptical that the basic concept of mechs-meet-parkour gameplay would translate well into single player, but boy was I surprised. That campaign holds together extremely well over the entire length of the game, it is short between 5-8 hours to complete from start to finish. This is due in part to some extremely clever gameplay gimmicks and very impressive environmental designs.

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Safe spaces at a metal concert? Has the world has gone mad?

Ah, so it has come to this after I talked about this last year October. In most shows and moshpits I have attended in my life as a metal/punk fan a kind of unspoken etiquette. You as moshers take over his/her own space. And in that “space” you are allowed to do as you please. And it is generally frowned upon to grab anyone who isn’t obviously willing to participate. We don’t need safe spaces or mosh free zones at metal concerts to get rid of girls being sexually assaulted at gigs. But you know what we do need?  We need the community to step up and ensure that if something like this happens it is dealt with swiftly, which almost always happens in all the cases I have come across. And I can confidently speak for nearly all heavy metal fans like myself, we despise the kind of person who goes to a metal gig with the sole purpose of sexually assaulting someone. And they are definitely not welcome in our community.

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MalwareTech get’s doxxed by media

Did I not just talk about the dumpster digging trash tabloid style media a few days ago? This guy figured out how to shut down the biggest ransomware attack in history. And this is how he gets “rewarded”  for his efforts?! The press can go fuck themselves. There needs to be some sort of “Responsibility in Media Act” that punishes the press when they pull shit like this. It is not even remotely in the media’s interest to have dox this guy. He’s not some villain who needs or deserves to be exposed. Fuck the press for doing this, there was a reason why he wanted to stay anonymous. He works in an industry that requires it, there are people out there who can now use it to attack him, using the personal details they made public….

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