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Kids should be thought cultural appropriation this Halloween!

Translation: “How to suck the joy out of everything because you are too concerned with the feelings of an easily offended stranger”

Welcome to 2018 where even your kids aren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween anymore because of “reasons”. Because the only thing that should be on of a 4-year-olds mind is cultural appropriation and being worried about the easily triggered’s feelings? Not the fact that they get to be their hero/heroine for just an evening and pretend to be like them. You know that thing we all did as children? What a great way to foster diversity in your children. Create lovable characters that they can relate but that only people of the right race and skin colour can fully enjoy. Shouldn’t you be teaching your kids to embrace different cultures?  I remember the good old days when cultural appropriation was called being a cultural melting pot, and that it was considered a good thing.

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Am I the only one loving the new “NPC” meme?

The new NPC meme is pretty hilarious, especially how it attempts to explain why Social Justice Warriors all think and act in such a robotic manner. For those none gamers out there NPC stands for “non-player character”, which in video game terms is the characters in video games controlled by a rudimentary AI. The term describes their beliefs, or in this case their “software”, that is put into people by the Social Justice movement. NPC describes the person or in this case the “hardware” that allows the beliefs to be installed on them. So when an NPC receives information that conflicts with its programming, they tend to give out the same “error codes” or in this case calling anyone who disagrees with their opinion a: “Racist, Nazi, Sexist Homophobe” ect.

But the very same people who claim that this meme “Tries To Dehumanize SJWs” :

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Apparently Tomb Raider’s death sequences are outdated…

You know what is outdated to me as a gamer? Video game journalists and people being overly sensitive about gratuitous violence in media and video games. The way Lara dies in the game is perfectly realistic given the situations she gets herself into, and I for one glad they show it rather than the typical static camera where the character falls down a pit into blackness and having “You have died” written across the screen. Back in the old Tomb Raider games, if Lara missed a jump she would fall into a pit of spikes and she would be impaled on them while the player watched. The only difference between those deaths and the new games death sequences is the graphical fidelity and realism which has improved in leaps and bounds since the old games. For me as a gamer, these death animations actually inspire me to play better, and more carefully.

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Video game journalism is now writing about cock…

Video game “journalism” at its finest folks, this is the level of intellectualism we can now expect from these so-called “journalists” and WOW PC Gamer sure has fallen to levels that not even I expected from them. I am sorry, but did you just run around Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and stare at cocks and then make an article about that?

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