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How I would fix the DC Extended Universe movies

The DCEU universe that DC and Warner Brothers have created the past few years is busy coming down around there heads, especially after the release of The Justice League movie. Here is how I would go about un-fucking what Warner Brothers and DC have fucked-up:

Less studio interference. WB executives are executives, not producers or directors. The number one reason Marvel movies are so consistent and tight is that they have their army of writers and producers at every step, and none of them interfere with each other. Micromanaging a superhero movie does not work!

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Upcoming animated Spiderman movie looks amazing

Can I just say for the record that the trailer for Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse absolutely blew me away, I had absolutely no idea that Sony, Columbia, Sony Animation and Marvel were working on this project. And even more surprising is that it does not look like garbage at all, which is amazing considering the direction that Marvel comics have taken lately. And all though that is more than a year away from release, there is so much untapped potential in this to become a series of movies. You can watch the trailer below:

So I decided to take some screenshots and pick apart this amazing trailer. And for those wondering who this version of Spiderman is, he is from Earth-1610 in layman term an alternative universe of the Marvel universe. And his name is Miles Morales an Afro-Latino teenager from this earths New York. You can click on the images for hi-resolution versions. Watch the trailer and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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Bungie: Same old bullshit song and dance

Amazing how many things at Bungie nowadays “don’t work as planned” and how many “mistakes” are being made. Almost like they know what they are doing and keep getting caught with their pants down. First it was them implementing shaders as a one-time usable item then purposefully creating artificial XP barriers that forces people into investing in microtransactions. And now Bungie has locked old Destiny 2 content behind their latest DLC called “Trials of Osiris”. Of course like the other times they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar Bungie admits that this was all just a “mistake”:

It is like every single “mistake” they have made with the game thus far in some shape or form helped them flees gamers for more money. Not that they pulled the exact same shit in the first game and managed to get away with it. Locking people out of content like they did when we got Crota’s End it is like they didn’t learn their lesson from the first game. Seems like they are just completely ignoring player feedback doing shady behind the scenes and seeing how much they can bullshit the player base before they start complaining. Then posting their bullshit apologies on their website: “We hear you guys and we are sorry we will make it better” Only thing you are really sorry about is getting caught.

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Tracing the roots and history of loot boxes

Microtransactions like any “good” supervillain in a superhero story, needs a good origin story. So I will be looking at who “created” the concept and where the concept originally found its roots, and who were some of its early adopters. Loot boxes have had many names over the years, which included “crates” and “packs”. But it’s roots can be traced back all the way to 2007 (8 years ago) in a massively popular Chinese MMO called ZT Online” or “Zhengtu” developed and published by Giant Interactive Group Inc. The game contained chests that you could only unlock by purchasing a key, which when unlocked would give you a random reward. Does this mechanic ring any bells? And at some point in its life, the amount of profit Giant Interactive made easily rivaled that of World of Warcraft.

These chest keys were extremely cheap at the time only 1 yuan or the equivalent to 13 US cents for a single chest key. And just like its modern-day counterparts, the chances of getting something rare was extremely minuscule. At the time gambling in video games was an unheard of concept which helped bolster the profit margins as millions of ZT Online’s player base invested in these keys. One player Lu Yang recalls that during her craziest periods she was like a real-life gambler in a casino. She would shout at the screen the name of the item she wanted, but ultimately felt disappointed when she did not get the items she wanted from these chests. Lu Yang spent well over 10 000 yuan equivalent to 13000 US dollars at that time.

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Death Stranding hype and the Cult of Kojima

How did Death Stranding become so hype? Geoff Keighley and others in the video game industry have put Kojima on this pedestal where he’s supposedly this artistic genius when honestly I feel Kojima peaked with Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 and Snake Eater. And before I get crucified by his cult following for my opinion I have played every single game Metal Gear game in the franchise with the exception of number four and Acid on the PSP. And my reasoning behind it?  He had a bunch of random somewhat incoherent ideas and injected that into his stories and ran with it. And this made every game after Snake Eater in even more outlandish than the last, and we ended up with him writing himself into many corners during the last few games in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Then adding unnecessary and lengthy plot twists in every installment of his games to dodge the very same plot holes he created in the first place. The problem is compounded by the fact that Kojima has no reason to improve on his work, with heaped praise from the industry and being lauded as a genius. So he has no real reason to change it up, so I expected Death Stranding to be more of the same. And now he has his own production company “Kojima Productions” funded with the millions from Sony, so we can only assume that without a guiding hand or someone to look over his shoulder to reign in his more outlandish “silliness” we can expect even more of the same. None of the programmers. Not the directors. Not the actors.

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