New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Promo Clip

A nice short and sweet promo clip for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. And a great way to link the actors face to the character they will be playing.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer looks amazing

Okay this trailer looks better, the last few trailers and previews of the new X-Men movie did not really blow my expectations out of the water, but I have to say this certainly did. Now lets hope Bryan Singer can deliver on the rest of the movie…

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“Super Duper Alice Cooper” and Alice Cooper documentary


“A documentary about the rise and fall and rebirth of musician Alice Cooper, from his beginnings as a preacher’s son to his outlandish antics on stage and off, and his battles with addiction which at one point landed him in a sanitarium.”

Sam Dunn has done some great work on documentaries like: Joe Bonamassa, RUSH, Maiden and Metal Evolution. Should be an awesome documentary on Alice Cooper, and by the looks of things the best rockumentary since Lemmy. 


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Batman: Strange Days 75th Anniversary Short Movie


Originally there was to be three shorts: one in the past (this one), one of the future (Batman: Beyond), and one for the far off future (New Universe). Sadly, this one ran a bit over what they shot for, so it’ll only be this one and the Beyond short.  I was waiting for Batman to speak the entire time to see if it was Kevin Conroy, and was like: “whoomp there it is” when he spoke. I loved the aesthetics and animation, but obviously there wasn’t any real story as such. But still a great animated short celebrating the 75th anniversary. 

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