Too all the haters of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The whole notion of this kind of hate, it is popular and therefore I have to stretch to find something to complain about so attention can be on me again is rather selfish as it is unproductive. It seems to be ingrained in human behaviour, whenever a trend hits social media and the internet it becomes “fashionable” to hate on it. Too all the haters of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Losing your loved ones to this disease is one of the most terrible things I’ve ever seen. It’s a slow, painful, inevitable march towards death with absolutely no hope of recovery.

You gradually lose everything – the ability to feed yourself, to go to the bathroom on your own, to speak, to move at all, and eventually even to breathe. Unless you are put on a ventilator (where you sit, conscious, still able to think but utterly unable to move, left to wonder when the day will come when you die), you basically suffocate to death when your muscles deteriorate to the point where you are no longer able to breathe. Most people choose to suffocate to death. Because that’s the more appealing option at that point.

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Thank you Telltale Games…

tumblr_nashzwMTp71slhjkyo1_1280If you will excuse me I am going to go lie down and try not to cry after playing episode 5…

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A summary of Marvel movies


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This kind of social bullshit doesn’t belong in videogames

Seriously, this ongoing trend of bashing video games for unethical or unmoral tendencies has to stop somewhere. This kind of social bullshit doesn’t belong in videogames, it has no real basis other than bias or at the most, extreme sexism. Both genders are victims of “casual cruelty” in videogames because on average, there are at least 1000 times more men being killed in videogames than there are women, and that’s not even an exaggeration if anything, it could be an understatement…Why is it that casual violence against woman in videogames has now all of a sudden become a problem? Why is no one losing their shit over the fact that men are disproportionately more likely to be victims in videogames than women?

Is it because we have gotten so used to men basically being cannon fodder in 99.9% of videogames we play for the past 20 years? I really don’t get why people are suddenly outraged about women being victims in videogames a lot more now. In the remake of Tomb Raider you slaughtered hundreds of men, without even blinking an eye, but everyone loses their minds when Assassin’s Creed rather historically accurately omits female soldiers from the French Revolution. Which is one of many historical settings where women were not allowed to take up arms or fight in the army. And gamers despite playing and enjoying these horribly filthy and objectifying games manage to go on and treat each other with love and respect in real life.

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