Colton Haynes in full costume for Arrow season 3

arrow_602x800Now that just looks incredible, he looks even better than Green Arrow. I wonder if they will be updating his outfit as well, because I am ashamed to admit that Arsenal looks way more impressive at the moment than his Green Arrow counter part.


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Wil Wheaton on being called a nerd

Yes the video is almost two years old now but it is still internet gold. I am a big fan of Wil and the work he has done for the geek sub culture in the last 10 years since his appearance on Startrek. And the way he replies to the little girls question is absolutely brilliant.

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Video Games: The Movie [Review]

As the title of the movie suggests, Video Games: The Movie tries to tell the entire history of the industry in just over an hour and a half.  I am glad the documentary industry decided to turn toward video games, the industry is full of stories that deserve to be told on the big screen. Video Games: The movie is the brain child of Jeremy Snead who reached out to fans on Kickstarter in 2013 and raised $107,235 for the production of the movie well over the goal of $60,000. Video Games: The Movie is a comprehensive history of video games, from its humble mid-century beginnings to being the dominant media form it is today. Does it succeed? Yes and No.

The best thing about the movie? The interesting footage used of the industry’s early days during the reign of Atari,  and some priceless video of old game commercials, that had me both laughing and cringing at the same time. The movie also does a great job of showing the passion of the fans and game designers that were being interviewed. For many people and developers games are much more than just a hobby, and that love and enthusiasm shows in the final product. The film also has some high production values, animated info-graphics and a very effective opening sequence that details the evolution of games over time. The skilfully edited montages of video game clips that crop up every five minutes or so during the documentary had me going down nostalgia lane pretty hard.

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GamerScore Milestone

Considering that I am pretty cash strapped at the moment which puts a big dent in my gaming habit, I am pretty happy at hitting 60000 gamer score. Also taking into account I am not a big “achievement whore.” Next stop 70000…



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