Wonder Girl gets drawn with boobs comic fandom looses mind

Wow just wow the nit picky nature of this article is just astounding, and pretty lengthy for what basically boils down to “It is not like the Teen Titans cartoon” and “Teenagers shouldn’t have large breasts”.  Is the concept of a well developed teen that rare to the writer of the article? Has the writer of this article not seen teens like this in high school? Teenage girls can also be well developed, it’s nothing to be frowned upon and certainly just not justify writing an entire article about it.  But using something like a Facebook demographics to prove your point is just stupid. It is a clear case of people mistaking the internet for reality. I do however think the article makes some decent points in regards to the actual quality of the art itself.


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Welcome back Dragon Age!

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Why we all should be more like Deadpool

The WonderCon cosplay convention took place this past weekend, and just as he did with Comic-Con Deadpool made an appearance during the course of the cosplay convention. And showed us just why he is such an awesome role model that everyone can look up to.

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Sheeple: Wake the flock up!

Sheep are mindless, unintelligent creatures… humans on the other hand are intelligent and have the ability to use reason and logic, unfortunately it seems when we become a follower of someone or something we tend to lose that ability all together. Being a follower isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you know what, and why you are following what you are following. However most people do not know why or what they are following, because we all know once you become part of the flock you never question the direction it takes. The saddest part about being like sheep is that sheep are sometimes led to slaughter, their stupidity makes them vulnerable to what anyone says or does.



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